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It’s the Pits!

Here’ s good lesson for you to NOT use dryer sheets with DRI-FIT clothing.


Thank me later for doing this, so you don’t have to make this mistake.

An accident occurred, in which my brand new Nike Dri-Fit shirt was dried with a dryer sheet.  We are actually getting RID of dryer sheets, and we normally hang our Dri-Fit wear to air dry… so this was a very unfortunate happening.

Within 30 minutes of my workout Saturday, my arm pits were itching.  I just thought I was hot… or something was rubbing.

Something WAS rubbing alright!!

My crazy immune system went into over drive….

When I took my shirt off – I knew I was in BIG trouble… hives had set in and were taking over!!

I’ve tried coconut oil lotion and some aloe plant (Which feels great but it’s drying it enough).  Wearing a tank top isn’t really an option this time of year – but I’ve just been trying to let it breathe and keeping it dry.

Yes.  It hurts.  (but mostly when it’s hot or hits the air)

Yes.  It itches.  (see above)

No.  This won’t be happening again.

I told you I had “special skin”.  (Amazingly, it’s the SKIN on my face that is clear… and my arm pit that is broke out!)

This too shall pass.

I will say, given everything I’ve experienced – a rash isn’t the end of the world…   but please pray it goes away SOON!!  Thanks!

If you don’t think that “smell good” stuff in dryer sheets isn’t a chemical on your skin.  Think again.

“For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Philippians 2:13

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