Sick People Get Sick

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods.  A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. :)

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods. A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. ūüôā

This time of year I read a lot of sharing of people who are sick and tired or being SICK and tired.

I remember always being sick…

Oh boy do I remember those years before I got the auto immune effects this year. We had bouts of chronic pink eye, strep throat that would never go away, and sinus infection after sinus infection… colds and bad allergies were a given, and croup popped up uninvited regularly. Lots and lots of antibiotics and over the counter medications (that’s a WHOLE other topic).


I felt like most of those parents/people…

“Well, it’s cold and flu season… every body gets sick.”


Food allergies, environmental allergies, chronic sinus infections, and respiratory issues – hereditary right?

The more I’ve learned about our bodies and immune system, I strongly disagree.

Sick people get sick. THAT is who gets sick. Something is going on in your body when you get sick over and over like that – and your body is speaking.

Believe me – WE were a sick family… and little did we know, that is WHY we were always sick! Realizing NOW and how that could have been prevented or decreased dramatically is heart wrenching for me. But at the same time – I’m SO grateful to know now, and be able to encourage others who struggle and have an opportunity for my children to rebuild their immune systems.

Our bodies are designed to heal and repair on their own… IF our body is being fed what it needs through proper nutrition (and I’m NOT talking about the Standard American Diet, S.A.D. for short), and if it’s able to process everyday toxins (without being over loaded) through proper rest and destressing. Being SICK shouldn’t be the epidemic that it seems to be.

When I’ve read testimony after testimony of patients being cured (symptom free) of auto immune diseases, and things like asthma – it TOTALLY makes sense.

When you heal the whole body – health is restored! Just. Like. That.

Does that mean people never catch a virus? No. But it does mean that when a body truly heals, it cannot heal selectively; all problems seem to disappear. Many people that start out going gluten-free see benefits 6-12 months after ahearing to the new lifestyle –¬†things they had no idea were tied to gluten destruction in their gut.¬† As your gut heals and repairs, your body is also able to fight to heal and repair OTHER ailments they “normally” wouldn’t have a chance against,¬†and¬†medicines are no longer overused!

Before all of this happened, I had no clue that people could choose to do nautral options to treat diseases, like cancer. Because the number one treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, I just assumed that was the best choice. ¬†After all, it’s what all of this “search for the cure” funding goes to right?

I didn’t know that it actually destoyed the entire body/immune system and further more CAUSES cancer until I saw some Dr. Oz. special where they had a visual of a man taking a sledge hammer to a doll house – in an attempt to shut off one light in one of the rooms. There by destroying the ENTIRE house i nthe process. It was truly shocking.

Why do you think so many people with breast cancer, later end up with brain cancer? So within a few years of chemo, their body is completely throwing in the rope. To think, there are actually people who DENY chemo and treat their bodies to Gerson Therapy or holistic treatment of Vit. C infusion with an organic diet – would have been TOO far out for me before. But there are multiple examples of 10, 20… 30 years later – THOSE people still manage or cure their cancer (depending on the stage that it in) and the survival rate of other cancer patients is much lower… and yet we consider it “risky”¬† and embrace chemo as the educated choice?

The facts are, we all have cancer cells within our bodies… they’re just waiting for the right environment to explode into action on. Don’t give them a reason to breed! Don’t be a sick person and purposefully make 50% or your food real, LIVE food (not from a box, and perferably organic). Keep striving to live healthier for Him.

With that said, I need some rest and restore. I hope you have had a low stress weekend as we SPRING ahead together. Thanks for His peace. God bless!

“He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

Psalm 23:2

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