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Off The Charts!

The results are in.

The results are in.

The more you learn, the more you know.

Hopefully, the more you know, the better you do.

As I’ve studied toxins this past year, I learned about so many things – it was hard to prioritize.  I just put one foot in front of the other.

Things I was putting in my body or on my body… foods, and cleaners, and products, and…


Things that were already IN my body that needed out…

I talked about my eyes being opened to toxic mercury in a previous blog – but I still didn’t grasp what all of that meant.  How could mercury been a leading contributor in this whole process that took me down?

When I tested for metal toxicity with my DMSA urine test back in early January…  it showed all of the metals and many vitamins in my body through a process called “chelation”.  It’s where you take these supplements, and the metals “bind” to the elements and you excrete them out in your urine.  Your urine is then measured for the levels within your body.

When I visited with my doctor back in January, I completely forgot about my metals test not being in my file – we had so much to go over….  again, not as much of a priority to me at that point.  She didn’t bring it up… I forgot to bring it up, I figured my results weren’t in or we’d revisit it next time.

Then I mentioned the video I watched on how mercury in vaccines can contribute to autism and other auto immune diseases,  and then I watched another one (Beautiful Truth, a documentary from Netflix – regarding all types of chronic disease and toxins) which showed how amalgam fillings emit gasses – causing issues in your head and gut – a deadly environment.

Then, most recently I was reading a book on autism, and natural helps in children who have troubles releasing toxins (like mercury), and then it hit me…

The cold, hard truth.

We aren’t supposed to have ANY mercury in our systems.

NONE is a normal amount.

The other metals, there are some safe amounts… but with mercury:  The level of normal – IS ZERO.

So how do we get mercury toxicity?

Gotten a flu shot recently?  It’s in there.

Consume products with high fructose corn syrup?  Sad news – it’s in there too due to processing standards.

Did you ever get an amalgam filling?  I have 8.

The more I read and learned… I realized – this TOO could be a STRONG contributor to my issues, given my genetic predisposition to hang onto toxins.  I have always had lots of issues in and around my head – allergies, sore throats, pink eye, sinusitis, receding gums… and other signs of mercury toxicity – poor immune system, varicose veins (wow, you mean, it’s NOT just hereditary – NO, there is a cause), major gut issues…

So when we finally got a hold of my information at my more recent appointment….  I wasn’t surprised.  My number was OFF THE CHARTS high.

I love my naturopath.  There is never a “freak out” moment where you’re stressed and in a panic… after all, the damage has been done.

Nope, she’s calm and starts talking to me about chelating to get the metals out of my body.  We discuss options like DMSA, and decide to go with a more natural process with a supplement called PectaClear.  Hopefully it won’t knock me down like a DMSA chelator would, and will still be as effective in removing the metals.


Studies show this can help the immune system function more normally, allow the gut to heal and lift the brain fog so you can think clearly and function normally again.  (I may not know what to do with myself).

Now, my doctor never mentioned having my fillings removed, however I brought it up.  I had read about why they needed removed and what that entailed – and my husband was pretty set on us BOTH having all of ours replaced.  (He has 7 of his own).  

The key is finding someone who is certified to do it properly, without doing damage to your teeth, and further toxicity from the mercury being removed (you can’t just go at it with a drill – masks and specific safety measures are essential or the toxicity can cause further health damage).  Thankfully I walked away with options, and some explanations of how things would work.

So, to those of you who ask if mercury fillings or toxicity from mercury from shots “rates” on making someone sick…. I’ll tell you this:  It’s HUGE.   Consider knowing of a constant release of that poison in your blood stream and deposited into your cells or organs – mainly your gut and liver.  No offense to the metal being implanted into your teeth – right by your BRAIN.

To those of you who think, “you can’t live forever… and we’re all going to die of something.”  I say to you this – I don’t want to live forever on earth.  God has an eternal plan for my life.  BUT, when you are “sick enough” on earth and you realize you CAN do something to restore your body to a healthy state – do you sit on that – or make a move?

Good.  Better. or Best?

When I didn’t know any better… I couldn’t make the change.  But, now I do.  I’m not going to settle for good or better for God…

You know me… I’m striving to be healthy for Him.  

I do have to laugh.  I’ve noticed over the course of learning, and growing about health – the most “quack watch” warnings are out there on specific natural treatments and ideas that truly do have studies and PROOF of why it works.  I’m wondering just WHO put these “quack watch” reports out there to question people’s intelligence, and guilt them into thinking the NATURAL way is wrong.  So interesting.

It’s real people.  Don’t be deceived.  Could YOU have heavy metal poisoning?

Also, if you wondering why dentists don’t talk about the toxicity of mercury fillings – chew on this.  Imagine if they came out and said that amalgam fillings were toxic?  OH my.  Lawsuit city.  Yep, toxic poison that they purposefully put in your mouth?  Don’t hold your breath on their admission any time soon.

 “But evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse,

deceiving and being deceived.”

2 Tim 3:13

Stop Making Yourself Sick

This is what my husband and I are able to have on our dates.  We have a small thai resturants that knows our dietary needs.  They have made a dish especially for us with instructions - so we can order whenever we want, this same thing.  (They even make a specific key to type in for servers, just for us)  It's called the "Rama Garden" and it's simply steamed chicken and veggies. (although I can't have the rice, my husband has some).  We bring our organic, gluten-free soy sauce - and it's out "treat".

This is what my husband and I are able to have on our dates. We have a small Thai restaurant that knows our dietary needs. They have made a dish especially for us with instructions – so we can order whenever we want, and know they will get it right. (They even make a specific key to type in for servers, just for us) It’s called the “Rama Garden” and it’s simply steamed chicken and veggies made separately from their other foods. (although I can’t have the rice, my husband has some). We bring our organic, gluten-free soy sauce – and it’s our “treat”.

No really. Stop it.

Do you realize that the choices you’re making everyday could be making you very SICK and you’re looking in the wrong places to be well again?

This weekend I read of yet another (young) person, from my old home town, with a “rare auto immune disease” who very quickly fell ill and is now hospitalized and on chemotherapy in one of the nation’s TOP medical facilities in the nation. What in the WORLD is going on?

I’ll tell you what is going on – it’s toxin overload… and a majority of it is in the food we put in our mouths everyday. The disease begins in our GUT.

A year ago I watched the documentary, “Hungry for Change” (available to watch on Netflix or free online until March 31, 2013), and while in the middle of my own battle for health, it struck enough of a cord with me to never desire soda again and look deeper and what food was doing to me.

Once I realized that soda was being chemically “created” to manipulate my brain – I was done.

I knew it was addictive. I thought I had the upper hand…

But it was also too late for me…. and I’m pretty sure I’ve drunk less soda than most in my lifetime. I really didn’t drink soda much soda until I had my 4th child, 9 years ago. I didn’t drink diet soda until I got diabetes (and those lovely nutritionists suggested I drink diet pop? How do they keep their jobs?). So, all the while KNOWING diet pop, and soda was bad for me – I still drank it. I ignored the warnings.

But, now that it’s killed my hormone levels and caused adrenal fatigue, you bet I speak up to others who are drinking it. I want more for them and I pray they can learn from my mistakes.

What is adrenal fatigue? (read more about this here) It’s that “fight or flight” feeling you get when you are stressed. If your body is malfunctioning and missing key vitamins, enzymes and amino acids – it goes into “dump mode” instead… and you get a “downer” feeling – or a hopeless/helpless feeling instead. You body makes you “tired” so you are forced to rest… and it contributes to chronic fatigue (those with auto immune diseases struggle with).

The good news is – it’s able to be reversed and worked on if you catch it soon enough!! It’s why I take glutathione, CoEnzyme 10 and my Adapten all supplements.

How about those JUNK oils I talked about a few weeks ago here. They are one the MAJOR reasons we don’t eat out, other than obviously a dangerous gluten cross contamination.

What do you think restaurants are saturating your food with? Chemically created CANOLA oil and the addictive enhanced excitotoxin – MSG. Headaches and chronic inflammation anyone? Yes, that’s why you feel so poorly after eating out the night after.

Sadly we learned last week that Chick-fil-a is putting upwards of 108 ingredients into their chicken , 2 types of MSG alone. (I’m not wondering why I got super sick the last time we went there…)

Seriously – Does plain, grilled CHICKEN need ingredients? It does to preserve it and make it addictive. (and no wonder those fries were so good in the canola oil!) Yuck.

It made it an easy choice to say – NO MORE.

It’s simply not an option.

Easy? No. God never said it would be easy – but we have options in this country. We have to make choices.

It’s sad this is how we have to choose to live in our country – that our country, that is SO developed in so many ways – is failing our people with poor food “products” and dining options and medical care “answers” that aren’t making people well.

It’s sickening, really.

You have a choice, just like we do – and you are the one that has to choose what you’re going to put in your body.

As for me and my house. We shall serve the Lord, and do our best, as we learn more – to take care of what He gave us.

Healthy for Him.

“My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Psalm 73:26

Are You a Food Snob?

Despite the calendar saying SPRING is here.  It's not here yet.  I made some watermelon/cucumber/cilantro salad to pretend anyone! #denial

Despite the calendar saying SPRING is here. It’s not here yet. I made some watermelon/cucumber/cilantro salad to pretend anyway! #denialisbeautiful

A What?

You heard me.


Are you ONE?

Do you think you’re BETTER than everyone else because you supposedly eat BETTER than everyone else?

Let me just say this.

I am NOT a food snob.  I would have probably continued eating refined sugar, and chemically enhanced fruits and vegetables… before I knew better, and my body couldn’t take it any longer.

I probably would have continued stuffing GMO (genetically modified organism) wheat, corn and soy into my body all while claiming “all things in moderation are just fine it must be just you” and “the USDA guidelines state we NEED such and such servings of ‘whole grains’ and fiber each day…”

What my body taught me this year was this:

It can’t handle the toxin load it had… and food that is seemingly healthy, can make you super sick very quickly.  Beyond packaged and processed foods… and beyond what the USDA tells you what we “need” to be healthy – I’ll tell you what my body told me.

Those “experts” are wrong.

Grains are NOT necessary to be healthy or have healthy digestion, and eaten with the wrong pairings – can really cause digestion issues which leads to further systemic inflammation.  GMO grains (wheat, corn, and soy are the most commonly consumed) have extra-large proteins that disturb our systems enough to cause hormonal, digestive and immune system break downs.

Chemicals sprayed on produce that isn’t raised within the organic guidelines are also a missed culprit.  Then there are chemicals in pharmaceuticals, dental fillings and vaccines… that people, like me, aren’t able to get rid of as easily – so we hang onto them, and throws off our health balance and literally – it poisons us.

Often times we look at the “straw” that broke the camels back.

But it’s never just one thing.

It isn’t one thing that made me sick – it was a combined some of the things, over the years – to the point my body can’t take that any more.

So what’s a woman like me to do?

DETOX my body as much as I can, and lighten my toxin load as much as I can.

Help my liver and organs out in any way I can.

Live gluten, dairy and refined sugar FREE – for life.  Eat as many whole, organic, non-GMO foods that I can – and supplement my body in any low areas while maintaining a diet that is revamping my system.  It means rarely eating meat – but the beef we have now is grass-fed and the chicken and fish we get is organic and antibiotic free.  It means getting rid of toxic cleaners, and make up, and products that bog down my entire system.  It means getting the rest I need – every night.  It also means making sure I get rid of the emotional daily stressors that I can… to lighten my load in those areas too.  (It’s crazy how much emotional stress has an effect on our overall health!)

I guess you could call me a simplifier.

(That sounds MUCH nicer than SNOB.)

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Matthew 7:12

Gluten-Free & Paleo Cook Book Favorites!


One of the comments I read and RE-READ several times on this journey was “Don’t go out and replace your processed  GLUTEN-FILLED foods you ate, with gluten-free processed foods”.  EAT. REAL. FOOD.  That is the easiest transition.

The reason?

Well, for one – processed foods have a ton of toxins in them that your body doesn’t need, and has to filter out, so ultimately it can cause additional damage also.

Another is that OFTEN people with leaky gut/ gut permeability / celiac disease damage / auto immune disease issues soon realize they CAN’T tolerate ANY grains without having some systemic inflammation issues… because all grains have a protein/or a gluten in them that can act as an irritant in the gut.

More often than not, I encourage people to look at the Paleo side of “gluten-free” living.  It’s an easy transition that doesn’t involve the mixing of 50 flours, and figuring out what brands are best of processed foods.  In our family, we still eat some processed foods – but very little and not frequently.  I personally do not eat them any longer, because I cannot tolerate them with the level of damage I have in my system. It’s good motivation to stick to this with our family.

Basically it’s looking at living gluten-free, without the processed junk to create more problems.  If YOU are making the foods – you know what is in them, and you can make the necessary changes for your family… It’s nice to know what is in your food.

Eating paleo works best for me, but even I have to eat revised paleo – as my body doesn’t care for almonds, and most nuts.  I’m fine with that, because I FEEL the best, and my digestion is at it’s best without it – which singles, my body is happy.

So – I compiled some of my favorite cook books I’ve used over the past year.  We still have birthday cake, and special treats too – but many of the paleo books (Especially the book Practical Paleo) discuss the whys and hows of oils, meats and preparing of foods.  Enjoy!


Great recipes like the muffins pictured here are easily adaptable to your food allergy needs, and the book shares several diet plans for multiple disease issues.

Great recipes like the muffins pictured here are easily adaptable to your food allergy needs, and the book shares several diet plans for multiple disease issues.

Everyday Paleo (top center) is one of my favorites!  You can see the sticky notes in some of them - lots of pages marked!!

Everyday Paleo (top center) is one of my favorites! You can see the sticky notes in some of them – lots of pages marked!!



4 Ingredients Gluten Free Foods, Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

The Ultimate Gluten Free Cookie Book, Roben Ryberg

Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food, Sussan O’Brien

Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking, Kimberly Mayone & Kitty Broihier, MS, RD ****

Simply Sugar & Gluten Free, Amy Green

Babycakes Covers the Classics, Erin McKenna



Practical Paleo, Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC ****

Paleo Slow Cooking, Chrissy Gower ****

Paleo Comfort Foods, Julie & CHarles Mayfield

Paleo Indulgences, Tammy Credicott

Everyday Paleo, Sarah Fragoso ****


****  Use most often


” ‘I have the right to do anything,’ you say–but not everything is beneficial. ‘I
have the right to do anything’–but I will not be mastered by anything.”

1 Cor. 6:12





Ahhchoo! Allergies & Your Gut


It’s amazing how quickly beautiful weather can turn into allergy season in the mid-west.  We had an 85 degree day on Friday, and suddenly my allergies were switched into high gear!

I’m originally from Iowa.  I didn’t really struggle with environmental allergies much growing up.  Then I moved to Kansas, and the first spring here was pretty bad.  After that though, I had baby, after baby, after baby… and the allergies went away.  Then, like all other things that fell apart hormonally, digestively and the like – the allergies returned.

It should make complete sense to me now – WHY and HOW allergies are tied to our guts, and immune systems.  My nautropath actually wrote on this as well here.  {You know how things used to see really quacky some how totally make sense?  Yes, that’s health and our bodies for me!  Thank you Lord, I get it!}

But back to allergies… mine came in full force, and I was scrambling… because I didn’t have all of the things I got together in one place {remember, it’s SO key to PREPARE so you don’t return to your old bad ways, that are harmful to your body, vs. building your immune system back up!}  The good news is… I *DID* at least have them.  Thanks to my armpits flaring up, I also had a few things out, I just had to recall the rest.

So the picture above is what works for me when I have an allergy attack (it’s similar to a major cold coming on, and ironically someone on Facebook said they had an asthma attack with allergies as well).  Do you think people are more likely to just “grab an inhaler” or “shoot some Nasonex up their nose”?  I am guilty.  I unknowingly did it too.  NOW, I know that isn’t the best for me… and it was probably one more contributor on why I’m where I am.


There are plenty of SAFE. NATURAL. OPTIONS… that God made.  Things that don’t contain a bunch of chemicals and steroids that suppress my immune system in a negative way.  I just had to be willing to invest in learning and proving it to myself.

So here is what I did:

1.  SHOWER & use your NETIPOT.  Get all of the allergens OFF of your skin and hair and flush them out of your sinuses. (and wash your sheets more regularly this time of year!)

2. ELDERBERRY + ZINC lozenges,  These are huge – so I just take half at a time, and I can have up to 3 a day.  They have an ingredient in the particular brand I use that is “questionable” among those with auto immune disease.  “Echinacea”.  I haven’t had a problem with it so far though, and the research I’ve done on it – says, use with caution knowing what happened to (3 select cases where) others who took it (along with other auto immune prescription drugs), and claim to have had a reaction from this.  So, for what it’s worth… be aware of what you’re putting in your body.

3. QUERCETIN with BROMELAIN – to promote health histamine levels and “help manage” seasonal discomfort.  (my husband and I get a chuckle that none of these herbal supplements are allowed to make claims like the box-store brand, filled with chemicals things can… insanity.)

4. CINNAMON & RAW HONEY – I just squirt about a tsp in a bowl and mix in a few shakes of cinnamon and swallow it up. 🙂  It’s AMAZING how much even that helps.


Over all, I would say with sinus drainage – FOR ME, the cinnamon/honey helps for minor to medium issues, the Quercetin with Bromelain helps with inflammation and allergies and the Elderberry and Zinc really POUNDS DOWN that allergy flare up!!

If you battle allergies also, I hope you can find something natural that works for you as well to keep you healthy for HIM!  I pray someday, I don’t have to deal with this.  It’s been amazing to see my husband’s transformation with his allergies.  Years ago, he was always fighting them – but with improved gut flora, he barely had one flare last season.  Thanks be to God for the gift of information and health.


“Do not  withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

Proverbs 3:27

It’s the Pits!

Here’ s good lesson for you to NOT use dryer sheets with DRI-FIT clothing.


Thank me later for doing this, so you don’t have to make this mistake.

An accident occurred, in which my brand new Nike Dri-Fit shirt was dried with a dryer sheet.  We are actually getting RID of dryer sheets, and we normally hang our Dri-Fit wear to air dry… so this was a very unfortunate happening.

Within 30 minutes of my workout Saturday, my arm pits were itching.  I just thought I was hot… or something was rubbing.

Something WAS rubbing alright!!

My crazy immune system went into over drive….

When I took my shirt off – I knew I was in BIG trouble… hives had set in and were taking over!!

I’ve tried coconut oil lotion and some aloe plant (Which feels great but it’s drying it enough).  Wearing a tank top isn’t really an option this time of year – but I’ve just been trying to let it breathe and keeping it dry.

Yes.  It hurts.  (but mostly when it’s hot or hits the air)

Yes.  It itches.  (see above)

No.  This won’t be happening again.

I told you I had “special skin”.  (Amazingly, it’s the SKIN on my face that is clear… and my arm pit that is broke out!)

This too shall pass.

I will say, given everything I’ve experienced – a rash isn’t the end of the world…   but please pray it goes away SOON!!  Thanks!

If you don’t think that “smell good” stuff in dryer sheets isn’t a chemical on your skin.  Think again.

“For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Philippians 2:13

Sick People Get Sick

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods.  A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. :)

Important news about labeling and Gluten-Free foods. A perfect example why there needs to be an across the board standard. 🙂

This time of year I read a lot of sharing of people who are sick and tired or being SICK and tired.

I remember always being sick…

Oh boy do I remember those years before I got the auto immune effects this year. We had bouts of chronic pink eye, strep throat that would never go away, and sinus infection after sinus infection… colds and bad allergies were a given, and croup popped up uninvited regularly. Lots and lots of antibiotics and over the counter medications (that’s a WHOLE other topic).


I felt like most of those parents/people…

“Well, it’s cold and flu season… every body gets sick.”


Food allergies, environmental allergies, chronic sinus infections, and respiratory issues – hereditary right?

The more I’ve learned about our bodies and immune system, I strongly disagree.

Sick people get sick. THAT is who gets sick. Something is going on in your body when you get sick over and over like that – and your body is speaking.

Believe me – WE were a sick family… and little did we know, that is WHY we were always sick! Realizing NOW and how that could have been prevented or decreased dramatically is heart wrenching for me. But at the same time – I’m SO grateful to know now, and be able to encourage others who struggle and have an opportunity for my children to rebuild their immune systems.

Our bodies are designed to heal and repair on their own… IF our body is being fed what it needs through proper nutrition (and I’m NOT talking about the Standard American Diet, S.A.D. for short), and if it’s able to process everyday toxins (without being over loaded) through proper rest and destressing. Being SICK shouldn’t be the epidemic that it seems to be.

When I’ve read testimony after testimony of patients being cured (symptom free) of auto immune diseases, and things like asthma – it TOTALLY makes sense.

When you heal the whole body – health is restored! Just. Like. That.

Does that mean people never catch a virus? No. But it does mean that when a body truly heals, it cannot heal selectively; all problems seem to disappear. Many people that start out going gluten-free see benefits 6-12 months after ahearing to the new lifestyle – things they had no idea were tied to gluten destruction in their gut.  As your gut heals and repairs, your body is also able to fight to heal and repair OTHER ailments they “normally” wouldn’t have a chance against, and medicines are no longer overused!

Before all of this happened, I had no clue that people could choose to do nautral options to treat diseases, like cancer. Because the number one treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, I just assumed that was the best choice.  After all, it’s what all of this “search for the cure” funding goes to right?

I didn’t know that it actually destoyed the entire body/immune system and further more CAUSES cancer until I saw some Dr. Oz. special where they had a visual of a man taking a sledge hammer to a doll house – in an attempt to shut off one light in one of the rooms. There by destroying the ENTIRE house i nthe process. It was truly shocking.

Why do you think so many people with breast cancer, later end up with brain cancer? So within a few years of chemo, their body is completely throwing in the rope. To think, there are actually people who DENY chemo and treat their bodies to Gerson Therapy or holistic treatment of Vit. C infusion with an organic diet – would have been TOO far out for me before. But there are multiple examples of 10, 20… 30 years later – THOSE people still manage or cure their cancer (depending on the stage that it in) and the survival rate of other cancer patients is much lower… and yet we consider it “risky”  and embrace chemo as the educated choice?

The facts are, we all have cancer cells within our bodies… they’re just waiting for the right environment to explode into action on. Don’t give them a reason to breed! Don’t be a sick person and purposefully make 50% or your food real, LIVE food (not from a box, and perferably organic). Keep striving to live healthier for Him.

With that said, I need some rest and restore. I hope you have had a low stress weekend as we SPRING ahead together. Thanks for His peace. God bless!

“He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

Psalm 23:2

The Power Of Words

When the song WORN came out… it immediately spoke to me.

Life wouldn’t let up, and I didn’t know where to turn.  Medical doctors didn’t have answers – and I just kept getting sicker and sicker.

I had a good bawling session, {pretty much every time I heard it.}

I WAS worn.

The work it took to breathe sometimes – it was crushing.  Feeling crushed by the weight of the world – and the struggle of that crying out to feel like no one is hearing you.  It’s a nightmare.

If you knew you could get beyond where you are, it would make the fight seem doable.  Unfortunately, when you don’t know IF or when the situation is going to end on earth… it’s normal to feel weak with defeat.

I’m one who always said to just have a positive attitude, and put a smile on – even if you were literally dying inside.  Mind over matter always worked when it came to exercise… but for me – this health nightmare was different, my struggle was beyond that.  I couldn’t fake the fear I had of knowing something was wrong, but no one could tell me what.

But there are times, when God lets us struggle… and it can be SUCH an empty, helpless, and alone feeling when you don’t know where the other side is.  I compared it to a coma of sorts.  You hear what is going on around you – but no one knows you’re “in there” – but are trapped, and you need out.

If only someone would listen.

Now that I’m on the upside of the worst year of my life – I realize how much continuing to fake it and stay after it – is what allowed me to stay alive, and fight.  Staying in God’s word, continuing to move my body and having a good attitude is key.

My lowest point was in Nov. when my endocrinologist specialist was out of ideas, and told me I’d have to wait 2 more months for yet… another specialists to run more tests.

It was my God’s grace that He kept putting info and people in my path to help me, and I kept searching to keep the HOPE alive!  When we give up hope… it’s detrimental to our health.

My Hope led me to a nautropath – who was able to turn this train around… and it was exactly what I needed at a time I was ready to throw in the towel because I was tired.  I was worn.

Physical stress on our bodies makes us sick – but holding negative, emotional stress in, is also TOXIC to our immune system.

Inflammation is what causes cancer, and we all have cancer cells within our body.  It’s no surprise then that feeling “hopeless” and sick CAN in fact make you more susceptible to cancer taking over in your body, and letting your auto immune disease or sickness rule your body and life.

My mom always said when she had cancer, she received her chemo as a miracle – as an opportunity at life.  Three shots she would get weekly – in her arm, in her stomach, and in her leg.  These burning shots left welts the size of a baseball under her skin…  With every statistic against her, she survived her cancer, and a stem cell transplant 3 years ago.    God is good – and it’s another example of why staying positive is so important!

My Gerson Therapy book had some GREAT positive talk ideas if you are struggling.  It would be good to write these out to yourself – in the present tense – creating positive affirmation towards health!  Don’t be fake about it – but be positive!

– Every day in every way I am getting better, better, and better.

– I am healthy and beautiful/handsome.

– I am whole and complete in the Lord.

– I give thanks To God for my life of health and happiness.

– I am happy to be alive, and anticipate what the future brings!

– I love and appreciate myself just as God created me.

– I am conquering illness because the treatment is working.

If you are struggling with auto immune disease, or chronic illness – I highly recommend trying a revised Paleo diet for at least a month to see if it helps you.  At a minimum get gluten and dairy out of your diet.  You’d be amazed at what a SMALL amount of gluten can do to people with the HLA-genotype.  From GI issues to joint issues, to major neurologic issues.  If left untreated – it will continue to worsen and break your body down.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  Be proactive and do what you CAN do.  Eat to LIVE.

You are worth it.  God says so.

“He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

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