Junk Oils and Oil Swishing

What oils are you cooking with?  Could you be damaging your health further?

What oils are you cooking with? Could you be damaging your health further?

What do you suppose is the number one oil consumed in America?  My best guess would be canola oil.  Made from corn, it seems as though it would be a good oil, right?

Think again.

Like much of our over processed food products and ingredients these days – canola oil is a chemical creation, vs. a natural occurring one.

The products named “Canola Oil” were derived from the words “Canada and low acid”.  Neither of which has a negative impact, considering that the oil is actually from the rapeseed, and those seeds were toxic and had industrial purposes.  Rapeseed oil was banned for consumption in 1956 by the FDA.  In the 70s they bred new rapeseed to lower the erucic acid and renamed it… CANOLA OIL.

Sounds pretty natural and safe, don’t you think?  Start turning around those boxes – and just SEE what’s in there.  Canola oil is an effective pesticide, and it’s IN our food.

We threw all of our Canola oil OUT last year.  I started cooking with cold-pressed organic olive oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic flaxseed and applesauce as well.

The less processed your oil is, the better it is for you.  Coconut oil itself has MANY healing properties.  Good for skin, hair, and detoxing… It can kill of yeast, bacteria and viruses.

Many people who suffer from neurological disorders, including depression and anxiety, also suffer from a LACK of good fats in their diet or the ability to absorb them.  Those essential HEALTHY fats are what is needed for muscle control and brain function.  Coconut oil has been used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

The list is endless really (read more ideas here).

Our latest 5 gallon bucket of Tropical Traditions.  A Christian company that delivers and excellent product.

Our latest 5 gallon bucket of Tropical Traditions. A Christian company that delivers an excellent product.

What I love about it, is that I can use it for cooking at high temps without it hurting the structure of the oil (grease pans, or in recipes) – or harming myself, and I can use it in baking instead of a chemically created toxic – “oil”.

Most recently I learned that it can be used for “oil pulling” or “oil swishing” to detox your body of unwanted bacteria, fungus, viruses or other toxins – AND possibly decrease tooth decay!  Pretty neat and easy to do (read here)!  I’m going to try it out!!

For those of your who are leary of the word FAT period… remember that the reason why FATS sometimes don’t process well, is because they’re often eaten with CARBS.  You can imagine how this might be a digestive, and insulin resistance nightmare.  Keep your healthy fats with your raw vegetables and don’t over eat carbs – even healthy, fiber-filled carbs!  The calories in / calories out – still applies.

“So let us run the race that is before us and never give up.”

Hebrews 12:1

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  1. Excellent info– we use coconut oil from Tropical Traditions also!!

  2. I wanted to add there are only 2 of us– so we don’t buy it by the 5 gallon size!!! 🙂 And I have been doing the oil pulling for several months now– & yes this old woman with bad teeth can really see a difference!!! I totally recommend oil pulling for far more then one reason!!!!

  3. We tried out some of their lotions – and they’re fabulous too!! 🙂 Great company. The 5 gallon bucket was a no brainer, and huge savings for us with as much as we go through!

    • Thank you for that info— you know I use their coconut oil as my moisturizer — I will have to check into their lotions-sometimes I’m afraid to even try new lotions– & – yes– I can understand why 5 gallon would be a wonderful size for your family!!! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing this information– some place on my blog I have listed 122 uses for coconut oil– I’ll reblog it again!!!

  4. Thank you for the link love to my coconut oil uses post! I ❤ Tropical Tradition's coconut oil! It's the best! 🙂

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