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Just Say No!

Here is my mid-morning and mid-afternoon line up of supplements.  These don't include my daily or before bed vitamins.  Are they hard to take?  No.  I feel like I'm giving my body a treat.  "Rebuild body!  Go!"

Here is my mid-morning and mid-afternoon line up of supplements. These don’t include my daily or before bed vitamins. Are they hard to take? No. I feel like I’m giving my body a treat. “Rebuild body! Go!” About 15 minutes after I take them, I feel this calm come over my body.

You remember that unforgettable slogan from the 80s that Mrs. Reagan birthed?

It was simple, to the point…

Unfortunately, statistically experts showed that it didn’t work.  Drugs and alcohol consumption continued to increase – and prescription drug abuse became mainstream in many schools.

Apparently just saying NO wasn’t as easy  of a reply when drugs were being offered.

Currently, we live in a society that there seems to be a magic pills for every ailment, and every disease has its drug of choice to make your body “work” again.

The cure?

Often times these medications can help people, in some areas, for some time.  The downside to these pills is they often also have lasting effects that are equally as harmful.  While, often patients are simply following what their doctors orders are,  assuming that their doctor is looking out for their best interest – in a sense – they’re letting go of responsibility when being under-educated in the matter.

Honestly it seems that unless you have a debilitating illness with no cure, or something like cancer – most people don’t take their diagnosis serious enough to make the necessary dietary changes to be well.  We often blame our genes for our biological predisposition to things, instead of owning how WE contribute to the demise of our health.

{Gluten-light, or cutting out “most” gluten – doesn’t cut it.  It just doesn’t.  The issues it causes are systemic.  You may never feel them in your gut.}

Take for instance, if your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure – and that  by changing your diet 100% of the time, you could avoid medication… and reverse the effects…  You might laugh, and call him a quack.  Insurance doesn’t cover you to eat mainly live foods, and it’s not easy to watch your sodium intake.  Maybe you don’t want to change the type of stress you hold in – because you have the attitude that something is going to kill us all, being so aware of our foods and toxins is a waste of time?

Essentially – you’d rather hand over your responsibility of your health care – to someone else and call it good.

That’s totally your call.

But for me, my wake up call this year was this:

The most important decision maker … was ME. 

I had the right to refuse whatever it was they were selling.  I had the right to refuse to see a specialist, or test.

I needed to JUST. SAY. NO.

I didn’t need to allow them to make me feel like I was wrong – when no one knew my body and what was going on – more than me.

So as my appointments drug on, and I began to think about what my END to my means really was, I realized that most of the books and studies I read said they would start me on a steroid or another prescription called Plaquenil.

As I prayed one night just crying out to God… WHAT should I do?  Did I really want to be on a drug to function for the rest of my life?  Was THAT going to get to the root of my problems?  Would it be ignorant to NOT take the prescriptions offered?

The answer for me… was NO!

I had looked through the drug options.  I knew my symptoms  None of them seemed like a great road.   Several auto immune disease drugs induce lupus because they were enzyme inhibitors.  (Ironically, I’m already having those issues – thanks to my leaky gut issues – lacking enzymes and essential amino acids leads to lack of proper function and auto immune diseases)  They told me I didn’t have lupus (at this point), why on earth would I want to risk that?

I didn’t.

I wouldn’t.

I was done!

Suddenly, I didn’t really care WHAT I had was called.  I didn’t need a name for my “connective tissue disorder” – as I felt I already knew where my body was heading, blood test proof or not.  My ANA titre knew, I could feel it – and I decided to make the LEAP to take my life back before they slapped me on the back with telling me what my life was going to be like for the next 40-50 years, if that.

Since then, I have read countless of encouraging stories of others with multiple auto immune diseases also… stepping out in faith, and trying a GAPS diet, or a Paleo diet, or an Auto-Immune Protocol diet… and feeling their way though what foods made them sick – and saying NO to drugs.  Many have been on multiple scripts for years and now feel better than ever!

Personally, for me, the naturopath was the easiest and quickest way to get me turned around – but depending on where you are in your body’s destruction from food and toxins – maybe the elimination process works for you.  You know pretty quickly when foods don’t like you.  The problems can occur when it takes several days for the effects to build up or take hold – and by then you may have added in another new food.  It’s much trickier than I imagined.

Just this past week I learned another valuable lesson.  I started a new organic vitamin from Rainbow Light.  It’s a vegan vitamin, in all other ways it was safe for me to take.  In all other ways, means – within a few days of starting it – all of my chronic fatigue symptoms started back in.  I felt like I was going crazy with brain fog and confusion.

It was my mid-cycle and I was tired, and grouchy and unmotivated.  By day 4 my eye was swelling again and it hurt.  I didn’t know if it was a combination of my hormonal shift and the vitamins, or what was going on… things were back sliding quickly and I began feeling frustrated after feeling unstoppable for several weeks.

I immediately removed the new vitamin from my daily intake, and went back to my safe, tried-and-true Juice Plus.  Chronic fatigue again disappeared.  I called Dr. K and had a great chat about what was going on.  We added in a herb (Vitex) to help me mid-cycle and she talked to me about taking turmeric incase I get in an uncomfortable inflammatory state again.

It felt good – figuring out what was going on… recognizing it and making the changes to change my body’s response.

I suppose that’s why I speak out so strongly about gluten.  It’s the reason that toxins take hold of me so quickly – and I’m thankful I can FEEL it.  But for everyone like ME out there?  There are countless people who AREN’T feeling a thing, but the damage is just the same  – and they’ve treated their “symptoms” for years because no one told them their gut health was a mess.

It’s why my body has psycho auto immune responses to foods and drinks.  I don’t want other people to live this tight rope.  If I could have done it all over again – of course I would have made the necessary changes years ago before my body got to this point!

There is truth in the statement that you can have everything in the world, but without your health?  You have nothing.  Invest wisely.

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear,

because fear has to do with punishment. 

The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18

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