A Miracle? Or Quackery?


You know how I love watching documentaries on health.  Several months ago the Gerson Miracle was recommended to me by a good friend.  I really hadn’t had much time to watch things like that until most recently…  So I broke the show into 3 nights and made time for it.

I’m actually glad I waited to see it.  I’m not sure if I would have soaked it in, and believed it – as I do now.

Could there be a therapy answer for ALL illness?

Obviously my eyes have been opened as to how our bodies get broken down and sick – and what our environment, and our choices contribute to that… whether we understand it – or not, while it’s different within your body – it’s similar just the same.  There are higher and higher cases of auto immune disease and cancer than ever before… and it’s not without reason.

Our environments are OVERLOADED with toxins, and our bodies are not nourished in a way that they can keep up with that load for years on end.  It isn’t simply because medicine is “so much better” at diagnosing things.

OBVIOUSLY.  I’m proof of that.

It’s actually because more things are occurring, contributing, and being consumed – and most of the time people WILL NOT change until they have to, (and even then – some people aren’t told by the medical world the major contributors to disease in general.)

I’m proof of THAT too.  (Stubborn?  Maybe a little.  I prefer determined or focused.)

The Gerson miracle is a documentary based on a holistic method of treating people who are sick, called Gerson Therapy.

Sick means a variety of things… but for a majority of his patients… it meant cancer.

Before you stop reading and think – no way, no how.  Consider that many of these people had NO cancer after 2 weeks on the treatment.  Most improved within 72 hours.


That’s exactly what I was thinking…. HOW? (click here)

The method was eating a variety of delicious organic fruits and vegetables, and drinking a specific carrot juice and natural supplements… which removed toxins from the body in a way only pure foods can, and also helping the liver from becoming overloaded with those released toxins – through coffee enemas.

Crazy?  Well, maybe not.

Many patients said they were one of a group of people diagnosed with a certain type of cancer at the same time.  Within in a year, many of those others who went through standard surgery and chemo, died – because that’s what chemo does – it kills everything in your body, the good and the bad cells.  Meanwhile, 9-20+ years later, these people on the Gerson Therapy had a different story.  They were alive, and well!  It seemed like a miracle… but simply – it just made sense!

Apparently Dr. Gerson brought his unique methods and impressive statistics to America and shared them with our government.  However the medical system, in bed with the pharmaceutical businesses, wanted nothing to do with these natural healing practices!  They even banned them from being able to treat cancer in America by any other means than surgery, chemo and radiation, so Gerson was forced to set up a clinic in Mexico instead.

Well, the principles overall hit me hard – and they are exactly what I’m dealing with in regards to auto immune disease.  A lifetime of toxins… bound up in my body, and breaking it down, causing cell mutation, and DNA mutation… and killing my immune system, only to cause it to over react in other areas from the slightest things.  The process takes years for some, and the build up of symptoms one might shrug off as “normal for me”…  until – it’s completely, obviously, NOT normal at all.

While my breast surgeries for fibroadenomas alone have been 3 in number, and I was prepared to have a fourth this past summer.  I’ve now considered the changes made in my breast tissue – simply from removing gluten (the lumps have gone down).  I’m excited to see what further changes might occur if I implement some Gerson therapy myself!  Two of the lumps I have, have been with me for over 20 – years, and we have needle biopsied them to ensure they are not cancer.  Certainly worth a try!

One lady said she had scar tissues for years from a car accident earlier in life.  Gerson therapy not only cured her daughter of terrible life-threatening asthma (that never returned mind you!), she was finally able to feel the bones in her face for the first time before the accident!

The list of diseases, and illnesses the Gerson Therapy reversed, or stopped was incredible – and CERTAINLY believable.  Why do we view natural treatments as more risky, and invasive treatments and drugs our “best” hope to wellness?

Definitely worth watching more about HEALING your body, vs. just trying to mask symptoms. (a great interview with Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte on the body being designed for healing itself)

Watch the Gerson Miracle here for free.  FoodMatters is another great documentary to watch that ties into the Gerson Therapy – and it’s more recent.  Let me know your thoughts.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

– Genesis 18:14

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  1. Why do we view natural treatments as more risky, and invasive treatments and drugs our “best” hope to wellness? Sara, I’ve wondered this for awhile, and ponder if it’s b/c it’s “easy to take a pill and HARD, more expensive, and time consuming” to eat healthy and take supplements. Plus, we’re taught to trust our doctors, they KNOW more than we, they will do what’s BEST for us. NOT, we are a number to them so often, and, they don’t really KNOW about nutrition themselves. Thanks for sharing what you are learning. I have watched both these videos, and wow, so eye opening. I highly recommend both to anyone and everyone! I was awestruck when I watched the part where “our government wouldn’t listen and they took their practice to MX instead”. Oh my, could greed, FDA, and self interest play a role here? I’m sorry for such a long reply, this has been a hot topic for me, as you know, for some time! We have to open America’s eyes and fight this system!!! Thanks for sharing friend. Carol

    • I was one who hated to be cynical about the system. There are doctors who do so many great things. Treating disease is just NOT one of them. Very sad. It feels good to be responsible for our own health! We all have choices. Peace be with you. 🙂


  3. I agree Carol – it seems there is a pill for everything out there. Why should we assume a pill is going to make us well? It doesn’t. It only masks the symptom, and usually adds others. What is the statistic of people who die from medicines vs. vitamins annually? Yet many doctors claim it’s vitamin overdoses that are dangerous. Interesting…

  4. Looking forward to watching the video! This is fascinating!

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