What Your Body Needs


Flax seed is best in liquid form. I put a tsp. of this in my smoothies and enjoy an immunity boost from the Vitamin D as well. This is found in most refrigerator sections of your health food department.

Ever wonder what a coma feels like?

I used to.

I used to think it must be painstakingly awful to be trapped inside your body… screaming – and no one could hear you.

Maybe you could feel pain, but couldn’t tell anyone?

Simply. Awful.

I truly felt like 2012 was my coma of sorts. I believe my gut issues ramped up again before that, but my body completely dumped hormonally in January, and my nightmare of sorts started then. I went gluten-free in April, got a UTI for a month in June… Then as I was cross contaminated during the summer a few times, it just kept knocking me down another notch, and then another.

I couldn’t figure out what was happening, and what made it worse – is no medical doctors could tell me what was wrong either.

Clearly, something was wrong.

My own body had to be screaming… in a sense it was speaking to me – and using the only way it knew how to communicate.

Doctors told me fatigue was hard to diagnose. I tried to explain, this wasn’t fatigue. It was way worse.

Come on. I had 8 kids in 10 years. I know what sleeplessness feels like.

This was different.

It felt like a carb coma. Only 10x worse and all day long.

I mentioned how all disease starts in your gut from damage – that then leads into your bloodstream, and how that can throw off your cells, and do some really weird things depending on where that damage is in your gut. Mainly – you feel SICK – but WHY??

Well, one of the things “weird things” that can happen – is that leaking starts depleting your body of essential amino acids, and enzymes. Without those cells functioning correctly, your body suddenly unable to take the foods you eat, such as beta carotene in carrots, and turn it into a vitamin you need to function – like vitamin A. See how this snow ball effect can take off rolling?

When your body is unable to do those essential things… clearly – things are going to start going hay-wire – and you feel symptoms, which you may or may not treat or shrug off.

One of the two major enzymes I was low on was Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. This decreases with age naturally, but it’s essential for cell respiration (healthy, oxygenated cells), electron cell transfer (for your muscle movements to be smooth as you move, vs. tight and hurting), it’s also a strong antioxidant and also may inhibit certain enzymes involved in the formation of free radicals (oxidants) building up in your system. So without it, your body is going to hold onto toxins, and that build up will make you sicker.

CoQ10 is found in your mitochondria and it’s necessary for the production of ATP (quick and easy access to energy from your cells). Non-sick people needs 90mg/day, and sick people need about 300 mg/day. There are several disorders tied to the lack of this enzyme (congestive heart failure, cancer, Parkinson’s, periodontal disease, miscarriage, auto immune disease, etc) and it’s also tied to the loss of energy in “chronic fatigue” that goes along with all auto immune disease. Without CoQ10 availability, aging accelerates.

The other deficiency I had, which is tied to many people who are sick – is glutathione. It’s an important molecule that helps prevent damage to your cells by neutralizing the negative molecules generated during energy production. A fabulous antioxidant – but if you’re body isn’t producing it, it’s bad news. It processes medications and cancer-causing pounds known as carcinogens. It helps build DNA, proteins and other important cellular parts.

Normally it recycles itself – which is awesome, unless your toxin load is too great and then there is no way for your body to fight a chronic illness. If your body is attacking itself – and then it then can’t repair itself… you have some major problems. Most symptoms of a deficiency in glutathione include things like seizures, slowing down of physical reactions, movements and speech (brain fog anyone?), loss of coordination (ataxia), and recurrent bacterial infections (yep! that was me!)

Poor diet, pollution, toxins, medicines, STRESS, trauma, aging, infections and radiation ALL DEPLETE your glutathione. Most likely if you are sick – YOU ARE LOW on glutathione. (Definitely one to ask your doctor about) A glutathione deficiency is tied to chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, auto immune disease, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, liver disease… on and on. Do you get the picture? I’m on supplement for this, as well as selenium supplement (In my Thyroid Energy, as this helps the body recycle and product more glutathione), and Milk thistle herb (which also helps boost glutathione levels and helps your liver detox). Exercise also helps – one more reason to keep moving!!

So, that’s a little bit of what my body was trying to tell me … and a few things that I’m working on to heal and repair this damaged body of mine… and I can tell you that so far – combined, I’ve made HUGE strides that I never dreamed would be possible with how I felt in 2012. I know people go on like this for YEARS… and while I dealt with celiac for 20 some years… this was a whole new adventure that I’d love to help just ONE more person NOT experience. You can have an auto immune disease – but it doesn’t have to have you. To God be the glory – GREAT THINGS He has done!

“But God has helped me to this very day;

so I stand here and testify to small and great alike.”

Acts 26:22a

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