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Cause and Cure?

Hands down, the best book I've been reading recently.  Think there isn't a cure or  reason for auto immune disease?  Study after study in this book show enzymes your body is missing which triggers certain auto immune and degenerative diseases.  Why would you be missing those key enzymes, vitamins and minerals?  Allow me to explain...

Hands down, the best book I’ve been reading recently. Think there isn’t a cure or reason for auto immune disease? Study after study in this book show enzymes, vitamins and minerals your body is missing which trigger specific auto immune and degenerative diseases. Why would you be missing those key enzymes, vitamins and minerals? Allow me to explain…

As I’ve studied gluten the past (almost) year, I’ve gone from thinking gluten was the poison for celiac disease… Gluten is also a poison for those who are gluten intolerant/sensitive/allergic, to understanding gluten is a poison to anyone with chronic disease… to realizing that gluten is just plain BAD NEWS.

But, HOW bad?

When I read that your over all health deterioration “starts in your gut” – I didn’t quite understand what that meant. For a celiac, I knew that gluten could break down your gut lining – and essentially widened pores allowed “leaking” of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to your body… but what I hadn’t considered is how ALL disease works (auto immune disease, cancer, thyroid and hormone issues) – and how your gut health is tied to this much more closely than I once considered.

When your food is leaked into your blood stream – it causes mutations in your cells, DNA and your immune system. When your gut is overloaded with toxins – it bogs down your liver and kidneys. It can create some crazy issues with your cells.

Your body can’t function as it was designed.

Suddenly your body is fighting itself… and unable to fight other intruders. Essential enzymes aren’t able to form or function – and then next thing you know… you have cancer… or MS… or Sjogrens, or Parkinson’s… the list is endless, but the main area where it originated is the same.

So, what role do genes play? They are significant… but the ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS are the triggers. Books and doctors say they are “unknown” – or they have suspects. However, the bottom line is – it starts in your gut… the physical, mental and biochemistry aspects – ALL play a role and interact with one another and it starts there.

It leads me to believe that WAY more people have “celiac disease” (or damaged guts) than they’re thinking… only they’re not able to CALL it “celiac disease” unless – they do a blood test and you’re showing one specific antibody (out of 5) for ONE specific gluten protein (out of hundreds), OR they MIGHT find it if they purposefully do an endoscopy with multiple biopsies for that damage…

OR you might purposefully go in for that biopsy – and they could miss it. For years…

I would wager that anyone who has any auto immune disease, or a compromised immune system of ANY KIND – has gut damage from stress, diet, and toxins and that’s why the body has turned against itself. Cancer? Gut damage. Degenerative disease? Yes… gut damage.

What can you DO??

Is gluten “that bad”??

Yes. I’m sorry. I believe that it is. I used to think it wasn’t… and that it was only bad for some … but as I continue to grow and learn – I simply think SOME PEOPLE who the signs earlier of how bad it is – and others end up with asthma, thyroid issues, cancer or some other disease. Gluten being a cause – is NEVER addressed because it’s such a part of our food system and “food products”. Patients are given medicines to mask the symptoms that are at that source of the damage – and yet, the source is continually fed.

How is it fed? Simply stated – your body can’t process gluten like other fruits, vegetables, and organic protein… and stress worsens the scenario – so it sits. It coats and clogs up your digestive system – you begin absorbing stool instead of releasing it as you should (nice thought, I know…) and you can then have a built up of bad yeast in your stomach as well (which can cause systemic candida), that is also being fed by grains (carbs) and refined sugars.

If it’s not “bad enough” that gluten can cause systemic inflammation – than the gut issue is just one more reason to kick gluten to the curb… because it’s a START in reversing the cell damage and function of your body.

There IS a reason integral medicine, functional medicine, and holistic nutritionists #1 dietary suggestion is removing gluten from your diet. It’s destructive to our health… and they know it – because they’ve dealt with the nutritional ins and outs of disease.

So what about gluten-free foods? I feel similarly. They’re “safer” – but should be used very sparingly, preferably not at all. Many of them are SUPER high in calories, and absent of nutrition. I think they’re way over used and promoted as “safe”- but it can be a really bad idea to just switch your old ways of eating – into thinking that buying “gluten-free” products is safe enough. There is a reason why some 40-60% of “celiacs” don’t get well on a gluten-free diet… and why SO many people are embracing ways like the Paleo lifestyle.

So what should be the steps to healing your gut? Diagnosed “celiac”, gluten sensitive, or what EVER health ailment you have…

* find a licensed holistic doctor who practices functional medicine (great youtube – worth watching on how the triangle of health works, and how functional medicine is different from the norm.) They will also take a look at your current medications and help address the sources of your health issues – providing a more natural option that has the least amount of side effects.

* do blood work to check for many vitamin/mineral levels, and enzyme deficiencies (which are shown time and time again to be the cause of chronic disease and auto immune disease) as well as any other foods your body might be fighting.

* check hormones levels for underlying thyroid issues or other hormone deficiencies.

* check toxin levels (this is important – your body can be struggling to filter toxins, so they spill out everywhere they shouldn’t be in the body!) You can be full of metals or yeast – and have no idea how that is breaking down your health.

When I realized that gluten was major issue for me, I suppose I assumed that my GP or my GI doctor would do a certain amount of tests to see where my vitamin/mineral and enzyme levels were (?) Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with nutritional fixes – most medical doctors are not going to test things they can’t medicate to “treat” you for. Furthermore, most insurance companies also won’t pay for those tests either.

But the good news is? We have choices. We can be empowered to not be another medical statistic – but to make choices that will help us be naturally healthy for Him. You can increase your possible life expectancy – like just a few generations ago… before all of these processed foods, and products became our normal way to feed our bodies. YOU CAN live without eating out multiple times a week. It’s true. (You actually don’t HAVE to eat out at all!!) Yes, it might take some time and planning – but I think your health and future are worth it. Don’t you?

KNOW what you’re putting into your body. Eat to LIVE, don’t live to eat…

“Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

John 8:32

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