Homework – Complete!


I finished the last of my homework today.

It was a simple 6 hour urine collection test called the DMSA Challenge test for heavy metal poisoning… They’re looking for mercury obviously.  The metals bind to the substance, and it comes out through your urine.  We’ll see what they say.  I have an appointment with my naturopath in 2 weeks.

Ironically, in the time that I wrote to you about metals, and vaccines – we took our son, who had low IgA, IgM and borderline IgG to the immunologist specialist.  It was a super nice facility – clean, and everyone was friendly, as it was child specific.  The check in person was the only one who faced the computer… the usual questions with a new normal one this year, “what pharmacy would you like us to use?”


Of course I’m thinking I’m not going to be leaving with a prescription… so that question throws me, but I answer it accordingly and move on.

The doctor was very informative, and friendly.  He interacted greatly with my child.  Friendly – kind and warm.  He never touched the computer.  He did wash his hands VERY well, twice, and I was quite impressed with him.

He could tell I was skeptical, and not the run of the mill parent looking to medicate their child for asthma immediately.  After all, we had actually tried him on Singular for about a week – before realizing it turned him into 50 shades of evil.  (Honestly, even after dealing with him on steroids for croup – that was nothing compared to this!)  Asthma was mentioned several times… and several times, I reminded him of his marketed improvement since May…  It’s not as if this child is monthly on an inhaler.  This must be their catch-all answer for kids with respiratory issues.

So after my decline on that, his thoughts were, we could draw blood – check and see if his body made antibodies for the vaccines he had as a child… specific ones.  He said, if he has antibodies for them – he made just have a weak immune system.  {He called this “bad luck” – not realizing I’m not a believer in things like that… but anyway.}  (I’m ok with working on that with a naturopath really…)  If he doesn’t have any antibodies, that we have something else on our hands.  I’m going to assume the first part.

It would make sense that his immune system wasn’t ever that stellar – considering he got croup at 4 months old…  and has struggled with breathing issues and sleep up until about May.

When I was pregnant with him I had classic thyroid issues – freezing cold, sleepy, vertigo from low BP, and the worst bout of celiac in between him and my previous son.  He probably has some major yeast issues as well – as the boy CRAVES sugar and carbs… and is a little tank.

Oh… one other thing he mentioned?  About him having a severe reaction to the H1N1 vaccine?  “It was probably his immune system doing it’s job, and we should try it again until doctor supervision.”

Let me tell you this… after you have a severe reaction like that with YOUR child, the LAST thing you want to do – is try that again.  Once you put a shot in… there is NO TAKING IT OUT.  It was an extremely HELPLESS feeling… to feel like you “did that” to your child.  I would much rather prepare and build his immune system… then EVER try that again.

But I smiled… and listened…  and thought he was a crazy man.

In 3 weeks we should know if he recommends more testing – but I’m going go with what we’re working on is already benefiting him.  He’s not had a major bout or hospitalization since MAY, when we went gluten-free/dairy-free.

Call me crazy…  they MIGHT be connected.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

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