Thank You, May I Have Another?

Even though I don't eat the cookies, it doesn't stop me from making them for my kids!  These are chocolate chip with a bit of cinnamon... Mmm!

Even though I don’t eat the cookies, it doesn’t stop me from making them for my kids! These are chocolate chip with a bit of cinnamon… Mmm!

After my hopeful trip to the naturopath Dr. K last Monday, I had a follow-up appt with the eye specialist in another city 2 days later.

I honestly didn’t want to go… clearly I hadn’t flared up with uveitis again.  But, I did need to keep the contact, in the event it came back – or went chronic.  {I don’t think that will happen since I cut out coffee and haven’t been cross contaminated… but…}

Ironically, that day was highly over cast, and while I looked forward to a day “alone” with my husband…  the day started off and continued with a major migraine and fatigue. I did get a nice rest to our appointment and back, but it was very difficult to enjoy our day together when I felt so rotten.

I was grateful my husband could actually come to the appointment. In the past, he’s usually dropping me off – and listens (second-hand) about what my appointments entail.  It’s good to have a second set of eyes and ears at appointments.  Especially for me on a bad day…

With a migraine, comes major light sensitivity for me.

Exactly what you want in your eyes…  a bunch of bright lights and prodding.

The doctor arrives in about 30 minutes late to my appointment and then proceeds to sit down at the computer for about 20 minutes without even saying 2 words to my husband or I…   {at least this time he wasn’t grinding his teeth off from his computer data stress that he mentioned last time!}

He looks over my records, asks me a few questions and then basically looks at me as if to say, “Why are you here?”  It was clear he had no further ideas on where to go.  He seemed relieved that Dr. E was also sending me on to an immunologist…

“Oh, she’s a ‘good one’… maybe she can help you,” he said.

When I inquired about a Sjogren’s test for eye moisture, he commented… “Your eyes ARE really dry.”

Thank you.  I know this.

No.  He didn’t have a way to measure that… and again, no suggestions on how to manage it either.

{Thankfully my mom clued me in on some OTC “Systane” drops that I could get at Target or Walmart, they work wonders.}

Again he commented on my notes from Dr. E. and noted my “significantly elevated ANA.”  He assured me that he didn’t think I had Lupus…  He thought I had issues of a connective tissue disorder… and the inflammation that follows with that.  Something like Sjogrens was highly likely.  He noted my blood vessels were larger than normal – but didn’t want be to go back to the steroid if I could avoid it.

We agreed, at least.

Then he said something I found hysterical.  “Well, I’m sorry you have to wait another month for help… it feels like socialized medicine.”  I appreciated him recognizing this has been very trying… all of the waiting and fruitless appointments… but I already knew his stance on what is going on the direction the medical world is going.  {He didn’t need to preach to the choir.}

My husband felt the same way I did when we left…  wasted time, and no closer to answers on this front.  He also had a better idea of why I felt so frustrated.  When I handed the Dr. a study on uveitis, and celiac disease {that he had requested from our first conversation} …. he read through it, tossed it aside, then flippantly asked if I was Swedish!!!  Apparently studies outside of the U.S. aren’t valid.  I kindly let him know that the University of Chicago was holding a symposium on celiac disease next fall – with doctors from all over the world, including a large chunk from Sweden.  I digress…

In the meantime, I’m still working on my “home work” for Dr. K… and I received my blood tests back regarding my foods that cause inflammation.  I can’t wait to tell you about that next!

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you

to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

1 Peter 3:15

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