Waiting. Christmas Eve.

I bought myself some Christmas flowers... they are a nice centerpiece to our table.

I bought myself some Christmas flowers… they are a nice centerpiece to our table.

I haven’t written much this month.

I know what I have written isn’t my normal either.  Thank you for reading anyway.

I haven’t lost hope and have continued working out, and living Healthy for Him… despite the struggles I’m facing.  {I look forward to sharing that and more recipes soon}

I am not sad at God, bitter or angry.

I’m actually encouraged daily… some how, He fills me up.  Either through another piece that He puts together in my own health puzzle, or through struggles of others – who have it much worse than me…  allowing me to be more grateful.

Regardless, I know character is built in this waiting…

and even while reading our Jesse Tree lesson tonight – a smile filled my face.

“Sometimes God has His people wait long so our gratitude becomes deeper and wider.”

We think of our “wait” and anticipation as a child…. for Christmas… for a birthday… a wedding day… graduation…

or at the end of our life – for that greeting from our heavenly Father.  That excitement, and that JOY as we await something… is indescribable sometimes.

“Good news has come out of silence.  Grace.”

The GIFT that God gives us … is certainly so.

Unwarranted GRACE…. infinite peace…. ever lasting life.

So silence… and waiting… neither are negatives.  The way I see it… God is speaking to me huge right now!!

May you too enjoy His love today, tonight, tomorrow… and eternally!!!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I just nominated you for the Leibster Award! Please go to this link for more information: http://kimskitchenblogdotcom.wordpress.com/myblog/

  2. Thank you Kim!! I wish I had more time to fill that out… but alas… I barely have time to write this time of year! Thanks for considering me!! Bless you!

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