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The Winding Road… to Hope!

“You are entering a 90 acre nature preserve.  Health, hope and healing flourish here in harmony with nature.”

This sign and others greeted us on Monday morning, and I smiled… and took a deep breath.

“Is THIS it?” the kids shouted in the van.

As the road winded around slowly to the clinic… I imagined what this could finally mean for me.



When we approached the facility to meet my naturopath doctor, I honestly had NO idea what to expect…  But I hoped the kids were right.  I hoped this was IT.

Is this going to be…  REALLY strange?

Is it going to be “out there” ?

I didn’t have apprehension… as much as I did just plain ignorance on how things would be done.

It looked so peaceful… but definitely unlike most things I had experienced up until this point.

I entered “Dome 1.”

I was promptly greeted with a friendly, warm smile and a couple of helpful ladies got me checked in.  Serene music played while I looked around at the supplements, books and information offered….

Months ago, it might have appeared strange the book titles, snacks and scenery… but things like Larabars and KIND bars were not strangers to our family any more…. and a gluten-free diet promoted as the “best choice” was all we knew.

The facility was broken up into domes, which are numbered and each one had a purpose….

The second dome I was taken to – was the actual clinic for Dr. K.  While the nurse led me on our walk to do vitals, I passed several people in recliner chairs, hooked up to IVs.  They seemed in their happy place.  (later I learned they were getting vitamin IVs)  After this, she kindly escorted me to my recliner in front of a large canvas that said…”HOPE”…  exactly what I had come for a dose of.

God knew… and that brought me comfort that I was in the right place.

The calm Christmas themed music played, and I smiled and closed my eyes listening to the relaxing sounds around me as I took a little nap.  Soon it would be my turn to meet Dr. K.

It was actually the Dr. who came and escorted me to the room where we would talk for the next hour…

No computer, no distractions… just her, and a pen for my file – and lots of writing, and listening, questions… and more listening.  She said I had all of the classic signs of celiac, from stools, to malabsorption, the bloating, pain and then all of it going away until being glutenated again… and now the possibly yeast issues that have followed suit….  It was refreshing to have someone know and understand the signs of the issue at hand.  She noted my numerous metal fillings when she examined me.  Asked if I had been tested for Lyme… parasites, or various vitamin deficiencies as well…

“What about your thyroid levels….  were they fasting?” she asked.

No.  They weren’t.  She also inquired about why my T-3 hadn’t been checked, explaining that my Free T3 was low and my thyroid  was borderline…   Since they treat everyone on an individual basis, as in, “what is normal for you might not be normal for someone else.”

Wow.  You mean… we are all created differently and uniquely and might not fit the mold?  Very refreshing indeed.

She said immediately – lacking vitamin A is notorious for causing spooning on finger nails…  so added a huge dose of Vit. A, doubled my Vit. D and took my fish oil times four.  She looked for my probiotic, and explained that it was WAY too low of a dose to do much of anything…  which would explain why I would get so frustrated taking it – and give up.

So “holistic” medicine isn’t some freaky term for witch doctor…(like I might or might not have assumed).  It doesn’t mean “HOLY”…as in some type of voo-doo ritual.  It actually means treating the WHOLE body… vs. just one symptom, and searching for the source(s) of the issues.   So essentially, it’s as if these doctors look at your symptoms from your entire life… laying out your health history like a deck of cards and then trying to view you as the creation God made you – unique.   They don’t ignore all modern medicine, but rather work with your doctor…  the first line of defense is just a more natural based one, when possible.  As I’ve learned this past year – how much what we eat can have systemic affects.

After going over her suggestions for blood work, I also had some homework – but mainly we were looking at the following:

Food Sensitivities – what other foods are making my white blood cells react?  While I don’t have allergies to, it seems coffee, grains, sugar, and night shades are all issues for me right now.

Parasites – is there something else throwing off my immune system since my IgA is so low?

Metals – could my blood be filling with metals from mercury poisoning with all of my fillings?  Yes, I have a lot from my youth when my braces came off…  at least 8.

Thyroidcould an under lying issue be my thyroid not firing properly?

Yeast – could this be bogging down my immune system and poisoning my organs as well?

Cortisol Levels – could they be extremely low during the morning, and high at night?

Could Lyme disease be playing a role in my symptoms? (This part she left up to my immunologist for my Jan. appt – because it’s a high-grade of test they will do a KU med.)


Some of the results will start coming in at the end of this week, and 3 of the tests I have to do as “homework” within the next week and then mail in…  with the results taking about 3 weeks to return.  I scheduled my follow-up in 5 weeks… which I feel ok with – because I feel like something is going on, and in the mean time – I will be seeing the immunologist as well.

So there you have it.  I definitely felt like Dr. K was getting on it…. not just “one test” and wait… “another test…” and wait.  She listened, looked at my labs, looked at my history… and we talked about my stress levels.  She seemed to really have a great knowledge about celiac, and was able to know what we needed to be looking at for the years of damage I had endured.  It put my mind at ease.  I felt understood.

Total cost of the day, wasn’t cheap.  (Only $200 for the initial visit, the rest was tests I had to approve, or decline).  My husband and I had decided on a budget before the trip, and we had decided it was worth it to us.  It was submitted to insurance…. we’ll see how claiming goes.  Not all states require a naturopath to be licensed.  In Kansas, they do.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us.”

2 Cor. 5:20

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