Learning From Our Kids

I tried my first Paleo cookie recipe this week and loved it.  See the recipe below.

It’s Christmas time…  

One of my favorite things about Christmas is food – but not as much as it is… the mail.

I love having mail everyday, don’t you?

Familiar faces and updates… it’s fun to share, and for others to share with you the joys and trials of the year.

I used to be one of those people most people didn’t care for.

My cards were early.  I can say that now because they’re never early now.

Maybe it’s because I have other things to focus on, but regardless… they still aren’t send out.

I was happy I got our pictures done…  early.  In October actually…  so REALLY early.

But, between work and health – by the time I got to download the pictures…  I felt like they were out of date before I even made our card!!

You know how life changes… SO quickly?  My two boys with braces, had both gotten them removed – and now had beautiful, smooth, white smiles.  My 7 year lost her two front teeth, which were now filling in… she looked completely different too with no snaggle baby teeth hanging on.

It seemed silly to make the card with these outdated pictures… but I did it anyway… knowing lots of people are like me, and enjoy getting mail.  I’ve fought my attitude about making a letter – because… what exactly should I say?  Shouldn’t I make one or do people even care?

I had the kids give their two cents about summaries of importance this year.  The number one thing on most of the children’s list…

was how much better they felt…

and how THANKFUL they were that we were now gluten-free (and half of them also dairy free).

They were thankful to have been healthier since May… and several of them also mentioned just how QUICKLY this year has gone for them.

It brought a smile to my face… just knowing THEY feel better, {despite my health going further down hill as the year wore on…} and have much to be thankful for.

THEIR health being improved, makes it worth it for me.

My oldest son’s highlight was how much he had grown this year…   and I know in my heart why.  I toss aside the guilt I feel knowing he’s been sick from gluten, since birth.

My oldest daughter bragging of how much better it is not to itch herself until she bleeds {and spend every night in bed, balled up from pain after dinner}, warms my heart… and I work through forgiving myself for the comments I made – telling her, a lot of it was in her head… for years.

All of the things that have happened this year… the places we have traveled and the activities we’ve done…

and YET – my kids’ most important thing THEY wanted to share with our friends in family was in regards to all of the GREAT changes God has made in our lives with their health.


There’s always something I stand to learn from kids.

They’re resilient (despite my numerous appointments and having to make up school, often on weekends).

They’re forgiving (even when I have so much guilt for years past and their pain and suffering).  

They’re grateful (for their future, and for knowing what we know now).

They’re hopeful (of what this means for our future, and for me getting the help I need – God will provide).

And they’re SO right.  An attitude of forgiveness, gratitude and HOPE makes ALL of the difference!

I can’t thank God enough – for sparing my Mom, who help fit pieces of the family tree together…. For a client’s child, who spoke up on a whim regarding their favorite foods – allowing me to learn about celiac for the first time, For the information I was able to get at the library which God allowed to open my eyes… and the many studies and books published that I’ve been able to read and learn from since then.  For the friends and family who encourage and help us to keep searching and learning and support this less than easy change we’ve had to make – thank you.

I praise God for each of you too.

(Did I mention my letter still isn’t done?  Soon.  I promise.)

The Paleo Cookies were from Elana’s Pantry.  Love so much of her stuff!!  I did use coconut oil instead of palm oil. Enjoy!

“When tempted, no one should say,

‘God is tempting me.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil,

nor does he tempt anyone; 

but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.

 Then, after desire has conceived,

it gives birth to sin;  and sin,

when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

James 1:13-15

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  1. Such a great post:) Those cookies look great, too!

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