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Words. They CAN Break Bones.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones… but ______ will never hurt me.”

We’re studying WORDS in our most recent ladies Bible study.  It’s a study on words, and their power…

YES.  Indeed.  Our WORDS… have GREAT power.

We’ve learned about how God spoke our entire universe into existence – with words.

How He created every living being… with simply… WORDS.

We’re foolish to not realize how much impact our words can have…

For the GOOD.

And for destruction.

On our husbands, our children, and everyone around us…

Think if a time someone said something that was hurtful to you, and how those words have impacted your view of them, or your view of yourself…. for the rest of your life.

Although we are able to give God’s grace and mercy – through Him who does the same for us…. often times, it’s difficult to not have that impact your future.

Well, while watching a seminar by my new naturopath Dr. she mentioned a few things in importance to our health…  regarding your past hurts.  It was something I hadn’t thought about before, as we all know how stress impacts us, and is often something we can’t always control…

This particular thing I learned… has to do with burying pain inside of you, instead of dealing with it – confronting the issues, and how that affects your immune system in the long-term.

If a parent tells your how disappointed they are in you, you don’t forget that.   You might constantly strive to gain approval, and never feel like you measure up.  If family makes you feel unaccepted, or unloved… or is constantly judgemental of your choices – it’s very hard to get over too…  You might pull away from them, and not continue to be their verbal punching bag.  If you live states away, you might never visit home.

I began realizing how many things I’ve stuffed inside…  trying to be a “peace keeper”…  after some hurtful situations went down even years ago.

Cutting words that have changed the entire future of relationships, continual rolling eyes as if you can’t see them doing it, jabbing comments that bring your defenses up because you feel judged instead of loved, exclusion from the people who are supposed to love you the most, as if you are invisible or it doesn’t matter…

I can tend to take things VERY personally… and hold my feelings in, and it just all builds up…

While my closest of friends, and family know when I’m upset …  others might not.

WARNING:  I’m usually VERY quiet or very surface friendly…and I might avoid you like the plague.

But is that what GOD says to do?

No.  It isn’t… and I remember when I was first convicted of this years ago… the Holy Spirit gave me power to confront like I never had before.  Unfortunately for my situation, it didn’t magically make people understand God’s convictions for our family – and set a very unpleasant tone for years to come.


When I had babies – my doctor at the time warned me to avoid people, and situations that I knew triggered my stress level.  I did that as best as I was able because I thought the pure stress was making me physically ill.  I even stayed home with our babies – as in, IN OUR HOUSE and avoided most people that first month – in an effort to keep myself healthy for the sake of our new baby and family.

Financial issues, work load, family relationships, responsibility…  we all have triggers in our lives…

and a lot of times it’s that STRESS internalized – that can really mess up your gut… {no offense to THIS time of year…. added family time, rich foods and activities??}

and your gut health controls the rest of OUR health as well – whether you feel it in your gut or not.

See where this is going??

So when people say your health problems are “all in your head…”  Maybe they should actually consider it being “all in your GUT” instead…  Because that’s a bit closer to the truth.

I imagine this past year … and all of the unwanted but needed appointments and stress have taken it’s toll on me – in addition to the condition my body was in.  I’ve often felt lonely during this process – even though I one of the least “lonely” stay at home moms I know.

Do all you can to talk about your stress with God – because He cares for you, work through it, and share it with some good listeners.  (Good listeners are people who don’t belittle your problems, but actually validate your emotions – and THOSE are the best types of friends to have!)  Sometimes finding a good support group – in real life or online is also an encouragement for people who get what you’re dealing with.

FIRST and foremost – God is always listening, and ready to help you through any problem.  Physical or emotional.  After all, HIS goal is also for you to be “HEALTHY FOR HIM.”

The rest of those people, who are continually hurting you?  PRAY FOR THEM.   After all, you never know when their health might go downhill unexpectantly, and you know right where they’ll be running!

Experience is empathy’s best teacher… and God has changed many hearts.  Even mine.

“His mercies are new every morning.”

Lamentations 3:23-24

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