Foot Cramps and Other Muscle Spasms

I used to get these several times a week… but as of late, I haven’t missed them.

Tonight – it came on, out of no where.  I haven’t been straining, or walking or standing, my boots don’t have a high heel…  I’ve drunk tons of water (with apple cider vinegar, mind you!)

But suddenly my toes were in an involuntary vice…

Here’s my toes – squeezing themselves together without me moving a muscle. OUCH!  Often times they’re overlap and really get crazy.

That I couldn’t shut off.

Nothing gets you up from the computer faster than a foot cramp like that…

I know it has something to do with cross contamination, and vitamin deficiency.  I know it can be signs of other auto immune diseases.

I won’t speculate what those might be…

I’ve always had these, my oldest son also gets them… and has since he could tell me about them.

I was getting more in my calf and sides/stomach earlier this year… most of that has subsided.  I’ve had maybe one or two of each since May (I went gluten-free mid-April).  vs. several a week.

All I can do is trying to walk it off… and flex it. It’s super painful – but relaxing, walking and trying to think of ANYTHING else – helps. (Scratch all of that if you are in a vehicle when you get one. You might as well pull over!)

Since I’ve been off of the coffee for over a week, and the uveitis is still here… I’m really hoping the inflammatory goes bye-bye just as quickly as it showed up UNinvited.

Take a hike foot cramps!  See you later uveitis!  This mom has a busy weekend and no time for you!

What about you?  Any funny stories of foot cramps or muscles spasms?

(NOT that they’re funny, we know they’re nothing to laugh at – but it is helpful to share so others don’t feel alone!)

My mom shared a video, a friend of hers with MS has of her toes cramping – and I just shouted – YES!  YES!  That’s exactly what it’s like.  HORRID, uncontrollable pain.  Your body takes on a mind of it’s own!  Usually they only last 10-15 minutes… if you can get it to relax.  Sometimes that’s easier said that done!

“The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I
take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

Psalm 18:2

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