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Gluten-Free Skin Care

I’ve read some interesting articles about how it’s ridiculous that people are wanting gluten-free beauty products… often times these statements will come from people with celiac, who apparently don’t struggle with cross contamination from their soaps and such.

The truth of the matter is, anything that can be ingested/ can get into your system – and especially if you have skin issues with gluten – it will cause your skin to break out.  In gluten intolerant people, eye make up is an issue too – obviously you don’t EAT your eye make-up… but often times it irritates eyes, like an allergy – or just the dust itself can be ingested.  Think about these other things:



Hair Spray

Hand Sanitizer





and much more…

Art supplies for kids… glue, paints, and craft supplies also have to be watched out for.  (Although I can’t say I’m TOO upset about no play-doh)

Well a few months ago I was still breaking out, even after being gluten-free.  I knew part of it was my hair products… maybe some was my facial products… some of it was the oil in the items.  Bob Harper mentioned the healing effects of TEA-TREE OIL.

I figured I’d look it up – give it a whirl.  I was happy to find the brand “Dessert Essence” at Vitacost.com  for a very reasonable price.  It smells a little strange compared to the stuff I was used to…

But, goodness!  It works great on your skin!  I’ve not had a major issue since using it… and while I need a moisturizer, and still have changes to make – I think this is nothing short of awesome for clear skin…  and my face hasn’t felt dried out in the least!

{I have some of their shampoo and conditioner – also gluten-free, and they work great!}

Natural AND Reasonably Priced!  Cha-Ching!

“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers life together in harmony.”

Psalm 133:1

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