Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance and Our Family

Our kids had a full bag of activities for their appointment day! They were happily working away while waiting their turn!

I thought I’d share the run down of issues of what gluten sensitivity looks like in our family.  It goes beyond our immediate family, into our extended family – but for the purposes of what we talked about in Chicago, at the University of Chicago Celiac Center – we’ll just focus on us.

Most of these symptoms have gone away when gluten left the building.  Even things we didn’t even realize were caused by consuming gluten or using products with gluten in them.

Any time we are cross contaminated NOW, some know within 15 minutes, others a few hours, others a few days.  What we have noticed is that things seem to start some symptoms have been there forever, and others have gotten worse as the children approached puberty ages.  Heading this “run away train” off – is our main goal as studies show the earlier celiac is detected, the less overall damage it can do, including add-on other auto immune diseases we are genetically predisposed to have – given the right environmental triggers.  We realize we can’t prevent everything, but this has helped us FEEL so much better!!!

We don’t feel like something we have chosen, but that God has chosen for us.  We don’t see it as a burden, but a blessing.  It’s not easy, but we embrace the challenge.  The facts are, when you are gluten intolerant – consuming gluten causes inflammation in various systems of your body.  It bogs down your immune system… and causes major health issues and auto immune diseases across the board.

So here you go – HERE is why our family is happily gluten-free – many of these symptoms have resolved, and are tied to gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  I am dealing with the most permanent effects, and you can see our desire to want optimum health for our family, given the diversity of symptoms:

My Husband: HLA-DQ8+, Psoriasis, fatigue, joint pain, frequent heart burn and stomach aches, colic as a child and random “gas bubbles” in his chest.

Myself: HLA-DQ2, Constipation/Diarrhea, eczema, suspected DH, PUPPS rash during pregnancy, migraines, ataxia, bloating, gas, costochrondritis, involuntary muscle cramps in feet and sides, foggy brain, delayed and random cycles, fibroid cysts, mouth sores, frequent illness, chronic sinus infections, and light sensitivities.

#1 –  Failure to thrive as a baby, Colic, reflux/spitty, dermatitis, slow eater, costochrondritis, involuntary muscle cramps in feet, mouth sores, DH suspected rash on elbows/knees, short stature/slow growth/onset of puberty, lazy eye, at ataxia, chronic croup, Low IgA, brown staining on teeth.

#2 – lactose intolerant, constipation issues from birth even when breastfed to 13 months,   short stature/slow growth, mouth sores, DH suspected on elbows, feet, hands, and knees. GI issues – stomach constantly hurts, anxiety, anemic, Low IgA,brown staining on teeth.

#3 – aspergers behavior, ataxia, stomach aches, headaches, short stature, vision issues, DH suspected on knees and elbows, Low IgA, brown staining on teeth

#4 – aspergers behavior, ataxia, stomach aches, mouth sores, migraines, DH suspected on knees and elbows, psoriasis, low IgA, brown staining on teeth

#5 – asthma symptoms, rashes, often throwing up, extremely thin for height, fatigue, anemic, light sensitivity, brown staining on teeth

#6 – rashes/eczema, losing weight, chronic diarrhea, spoon-shaped nails, low IgA, thin for height, extreme fatigue, anemic, light sensitivity, brown staining on teeth

#7 – Chronic croup, insomnia, respiratory issues/asthma, high fevers, severe reaction to H1N1 vaccine, extremely low IgA, IgG, and IgM, brown staining on teeth

#8 – Born at 36 weeks, extreme tonsilitis at age 1.5, allergies, eczema, brown staining on teeth

For the younger children, who don’t display as many GI issues, or the ones with respiratory issues, we have been so thankful how much this has helped keep them off of antibiotics, and sleep better all the way around.  Praise be to God.  Please share how getting RID of gluten has helped you be healthy for Him!

“I, I am the Lord,
    and besides me there is no savior.
I declared and saved and proclaimed,
    when there was no strange god among you;
    and you are my witnesses,”declares the Lord, “and I am God.”

Isaiah 43:11-12

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