Seasons Change, And Labels Do Too!

Be sure to read all labels on any food products you consume!

and NOT just once… here’s why:

Just because they were once safe, doesn’t mean the ingredients didn’t change!

You remember my infatuation with “Food Should Taste Good” sweet potato chips?

Then suddenly after being glutenated in August, all grains became an issue for me… especially things with corn, rice, most flours…

this included my chips.

I was fine with it, after all, what’s one more thing to give up at this point?  I just wanted my gut to heal….  It was also a good wake up call on why “risking” being glutenated was out of the question for me.

That said, my family still eats them… they are organic, no MSG, no gluten, no dairy, no GMOs….

OH yes… here it is… but wait!

Oh wait.

They WERE no GMOs….

Hmmm….. that’s strange.  We were sure it used to be non-GMOs.

Do you like how they did that? Just move a few things around… and maybe the consumer won’t notice.

So after studying the packing, and realizing they made some changes.  We went online to discover just WHAT on earth was going on…

You know where to go to get the latest scoop on a company?  Their Facebook page!

A customer, like ourselves who had been enjoying their products for a while now – was also outraged at the change, given (now) the popularity of the products they sell.

“No longer are they not GMO (!), the second most important factor to me. Yes, they’re still gluten-free, but now the corn they are made from is known to contain poison which will certainly cause a whole new batch of diseases! I have read that rats fed GMO corn became sterile by the second generation, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! More new diseases will follow, just as Monsanto’s GMO wheat has caused an epidemic of Celiac Disease in this country. FSTG also is no longer Certified vegan, kosher, cholesterol free, low sodium, or free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! I no longer buy Food Should Taste Good products. Yes they taste good, but they have now joined the group of foods I consider poison, thanks to Monsanto and their manipulating of our food supply. I have totally eliminated corn from my diet because of the potential serious health consequences of GMO corn, which is nearly all of the corn now being grown. I suspect it is the lack of non-GMO corn suppliers that has changed your product. Too bad. Your popularity may kill you. I hope you will return to using non-GMO corn so I and others concerned with what they eat, can return to buying your (formerly) wonderful products.” – from a 69-year-old man with celiac disease.

To some, what he said might seem harsh… but he’s exactly spot on.  If you want to more about GMOs and the real issues they’re causing and have caused just watch Genetic Roulette, it will be worth your time.  (But I believe today might be the last day to view it online for free!)

Thankfully, Food Should Taste Good replied… and they reassured their customers:

“We remain  committed to using non-bioengineered ingredients in all of our products.  We are currently in the process of completing some packaging changes and plan to enroll in the non-GMO project.  So look for the new packaging, reflecting our continued commitment to non-GMO to start hitting shelves soon.” – Food Should Taste Good

They’re currently working with The Non-GMO Project, who is setting a standard of what can be considered Non-GMO.  Most would agree this would be essential, so it doesn’t turn into another blanket marketing term like “organic or natural” – that means absolutely nothing, and no one can trust what it means!

Remember, never assume – and if you have questions – always try to research to get to the bottom of things!  Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

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  1. Just found your blog and I’m so happy to have found it! Thanks for sharing this:)

  2. Thank you for the information. We don’t get this product in our area, I guess. You are so right about reading the labels every time, I will certainly be more diligent in that from now on! Keep the good info coming!

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