Gluten Free Party-Time!

One of my children showing off her trike riding skills at our GLUTEN-FREE Olympics party this weekend.

Every year we try to host some type of party for our children’s home schooling friends.

We don’t do really big parties for our children’s birthdays…. instead – this is it.

In recent years we had a pizza party.  People brought sides and dessert.  EASY!

Uh oh.

I knew I couldn’t make pizza and have it hot and ready for 70 people…. and I wasn’t going to glutenate my kitchen, or my family in the process.

SO…  plan B.

I procrastinated…

and procrastinated.

This year, with it being the Olympics, we knew we needed to try and have our Olympic themed party.  There were lots of great ideas out there…

Cute treats, decor, games and fun…

But as the time kept passing,  and my body (that has been so tired) – wasn’t responding to call of getting things done.  (I knew that wasn’t normal)

I love parties.  I love parties for my kids… and I LOVE making things fun.  Themes and gift bags are a must!

I’ve had absolutely no energy to get up and get going.

I waited and waited before emailing out the date and information that we planned months ago before school started.

Then I drug my feet all week about doing things for the party.  We didn’t even get our big Olympics sign made, that we planned on doing all week…  and half of the balloons didn’t make it outside the day of the party because I ran out of gas the day of the party.  {All minor things in the grand scheme… but a feeling of “failure” swept over me.  Why do we do that to ourselves, as parents?}

Thankfully only my kids knew I hadn’t done a few things… but in my mind there was a whole huge list of things that weren’t done the way I wanted them done.

It drove me crazy.

So, we did it… we HAD the party – but I felt like the planning was about a C effort from me, at best.

Once we decided on what we could do for food – I did feel better…. but I didn’t move faster with my plans.  I ended up having to pay for extra shipping to get our prizes and things here before the party.  I don’t like it when I make costly mistakes.  (Who does, really?)

We had everyone bring their own sandwiches, and we provided the gluten-free food – fruit, veggies, salads, desserts!

Everything went great and God was awesome – it was a perfect night (weather-wise!) and no one was majorly hurt… Just ONE minor detail.

I forgot to educate all of our friends how important it is to keep THEIR food and crumb filled hands –  away from the food table.  Mainly – their BREAD.

I gasped, and held my breath as I watched people either waiting in line and eating their sandwiches, or holding their plate over the food as they touched the serving dishes to their plates.

*passing out*

While most people, who don’t understand celiac disease – might think this is over board… {crumbs touching or falling off into the food}… cross contamination is a very serious issue to us, and will make someone highly sensitive very sick.

Just their crumb filled hands grabbing into the gluten-free chip bags… or the serving spoon brushing up against their sandwich.

I did have other food (not yet served), and my kids had already been through the line… but I took a mental note to better educate everyone next year before dinner is served.

Don’t assume everyone understands, or will understand the seriousness and complications of your condition.  I realize it’s hard to speak up – that’s one reason why I didn’t say anything, I don’t want people to either A) feel attacked or B) feel guilty … It’s such a hard place to be in!   As you have opportunity, take the time to educate people to protect yourself.  Your friends and loved ones will be glad you did.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

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