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Yummy Spinach Salad with hard boiled egg, and bacon – salt and pepper, and olive oil – DELISH!

Let’s play – shall we?

At what age does our body start falling apart?




I’m too young for menopause, I’m told by friends.  Yet my OB confirmed last year that’s exactly what was going on based on several signs I was experiencing.  I’m guessing she knows best.

My mom was 42 when she went through menopause.  I thought THAT was young.  I was only 36.


No, especially not when you have celiac disease… it’s one of the related symptoms.  Early menopause.

So some symptoms I’ve been having this year, I’ve tied to celiac, and menopause…

Except this chronic fatigue I’ve been having.

After adjusting my protein intake, and making sure I was getting enough calories and the right vitamins, and checking my blood sugars for a time… and trying to get plenty of sleep – I STILL didn’t seem to have energy.

I’ve felt like I”m forcing myself to go through the motions most of the time – forcing myself to workout, do chores, etc –  and I’m dragging heavily.

I’m normally a TURBO type of personality… and I’ve always lived on little sleep – but sleep hasn’t been able to fix this – and it’s gotten worse.  More sleep leads to MORE night waking and night sweats – {and with that some WHACKED out dreams…  although, some are kind of funny.}  I’m on the right vitamins that normal celiacs are lacking.  Boosted Vit. Bs and D, iron….  I don’t know if I’m absorbing them all yet, but I know my body is absorbing more than it was…

I noticed when we packed for vacation in May – I was dragging…  I thought it was the ordeal of the food and packing, etc for 10 people.  But I was majorly procrastinating.

That’s unlike me.

It continued through preparing for school all summer – forcing myself to move… and then again when we traveled to Iowa in August – the trip I look forward to for months…   and I couldn’t seem to move, and my attitude wasn’t one of sadness or anger – it was more of “Meh” – I don’t really care.  But I knew I did care…  it was really strange.

SO. Very. TIRED.

SO let’s see… what could be going on:

Night sweats


Fatigue during the day (like I’m stuck in CEMENT type of fatigue)

Hair STILL falling out, 2.5 years after having a baby…. {in DROVES, mind you.}


LOW blood pressure.  Often.  {As in, when I stand up – or squat down then stand up – I’m about to pass out as I’m trying to walk – also vertigo.}

Low Motivation – NONexistent.

Sore Throat (chronic) – this time I’m on week 4?  Not in my glands up high, more in my throat – but it’s detectable, just enough to be annoying.  I usually just pop a few Motrin, and I’m on my way.

So I started looking through my books, I had realized most people don’t just have ONE auto immune disease with celiac disease.  Could I have another?

I ask my mom… what other ailments did my grandparents have…  and that’s when I discover not only did my maternal grandmother have thyroid cancer….  my maternal grandfather had GRAVES disease.

Graves disease, and other auto immune thyroid conditions often show up from untreated celiac disease.  The genes are interrelated.


I would really just like to get fixed up and go back to normal now…

Or at least functioning… {without faking it.}

SO, my Dr. was going to send me to an endocrinologist…. but that office wanted my thyroid level checked first.  Fair enough.  The last time it was checked was 2009 – it was 1.34, and within the normal range.

We’ll see how THIS experience goes… 

I’m going to be positive, that it will be better than my last (ordeal) one – and pray it’s an easy and quick fix.  (Hey, God said pray SPECIFICALLY!)

All I know is, this ISN’T normal for me, and I don’t feel like myself.   It’s not getting better despite my gut healing, it feels like it’s getting worse.

Thanks God for another reminder on why I need to fight hard for my kids.  I praise You, oh Lord – for this gift of this information now.

I’m trying to remember, I can’t WILL myself better… But God, my healer, can help me.

He said, “If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees,

I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.”

 Exodus 15:26

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  1. Make sure you get a fasting thyroid test. My mom went for years with it undetected because it wasn’t done properly!

    • Good to know. I didn’t know what to ask for, other than to see an endocrinologist… and they wanted me to have my thyroid checked BEFORE they would make the appointment. I just want to feel well. I won’t go on for years like this – it’s too poor at this point. Especially my swallowing and breathing.

  2. I did ask for the T3 and T4 as well… If this comes back fine, someone else suggested mono. We’ll see!

  3. I really appreciate this post, seeing as I was just diagnosed with Celiac and a lactose intolerance. It’s tough stuff; however, it’s good to be constantly reminded that our God is bigger, stronger, and greater than we can even imagine. I will be hanging that verse on my wall as a constant reminder. Praying for your continual healing and magnificent blessings beyond your expectations! God bless you today 🙂

    And thanks again!

    • Amen! Thanks for the encouragement! I always read how important attitude is in our health… and I just want to reflect God’s strength in all trials. They are a gift… and a way to reflect Him! God bless you too! PS – Coconut Bliss icecream is yummy! 🙂

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