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NOW Do You Feel Better?

Need some great ideas for gluten-free snacks while traveling? Here are a few of our family’s favorites with the usual fruits and veggies!

My husband came home from work last week and said he ran into someone who was inquiring about my health.  It’s always awkward for either my husband or I to discuss all of this with someone who a) has no understanding of celiac disease or b) really doesn’t want to listen to what it all entails, but has every answer for you.

“All those changes you’ve made to her diet, and she still isn’t well?” he asked.

I shook my head when he told me this… and I’m sure my husband couldn’t help finding himself a bit defensive.

Auto. Immune. Disease.

Eating gluten-free for someone with years of undetected celiac disease doesn’t suddenly = health.

Don’t we wish!

It has gotten rid of the neuropathy, and the chronic left side pain – several things have improved.  Other foods however, have caused gut inflammation – because my body confuses it as gluten.  I know my body is absorbing vitamins better – my finger nails are growing – but my hair still falls out in droves.  I also know every time I’m glutenated again – it’s another assault on the gut and a step in the wrong direction.

This isn’t some quick-fix trick.  Especially when your body has been battling something for so long.  It might be tolerating things for a long while, and once it’s trying to heal a leaky gut – things you never realized were a problem, are a real issue.  The fact that I was having the neuropathy I was, is a sign things were going right into my bloodstream.



Even more difficult to explain to someone else?


Sometimes I just don’t want to talk about it.

Sometimes I’m hurt that other people don’t get it, or even try to.

I know most people just want to help and they want to say something encouraging.  They just don’t know what to say.

“Hey, such and such restaurant has a gluten-free menu.” they say.

I smile and nod while thinking.. “Awesome.  Well… I can’t EAT there, because ‘gluten-free menu’ doesn’t equate into the level of sensitivity I have with cross contamination and they’re TERRIBLE about preparation. A dusting or one crumb makes me sick for a long time.  REALLY sick.”

If I actually SAID THAT, I would get the look of 5 horns growing out of my head.

Do I want to go from feeling perfectly great – to terrible for days/weeks for one meal out?


Do I never want to be invited out again?  Definitely no.

So much for feeling normal.

No wonder people can become depressed for avoiding social situations.  It’s draining trying to explain things to people who don’t understand, and aren’t willing to listen – and then trying to figure out how to appear normal.

What person in their RIGHT MIND would like that, or do that on purpose?

Thank you.  No one would.

But I also know, that being healthy right now, is way more important than testing the waters “just because” or what have you, when I can simply plan ahead.

This is when I really grab ahold of God – and His Word and promises.

We live to glorify Him.

He understands us, because He made us.  He understands our hurts, our frustrations, and battles.  BIG or small.

When we went to Iowa a few weeks ago, I actually did really well – not eating grains, and being extra careful to not order any food that might be cross contaminated. With the exception of our last eat out, on the way home.  I gave in and had pizza.  I now get it – gluten-free pizza (outside of the home) is a TERRIBLE choice for me.  Just too many chances for cross contamination.  Even my husband and kids got sick on that one.

If in doubt, it’s best for me to go without.  I go without a lot.  I’m not saying that to complain – it’s just what works best right now, so I’d rather go without.

It’s an adjustment.

Maybe my gut will heal sooner than later.  Our bodies are amazing creations.

I definitely have more good days, than bad – and it’s nothing like it was.  That’s progress.

Right now I just try to focus on keeping my family eating healthy – in hopes that they won’t ever get to where I am.  It drives me, and keeps me extra thankful to God.

What generations of family would have appreciated to know.  Thankfully, we do!

Praise be to God.

** If you struggle with celiac, gluten issues or leaky gut – stay tuned I have a great book to share with you soon that you won’t want to miss!

“Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles,
And sing praises to Your name.”

2 Samuel 22:50

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