Happy Pancake Mornin’

One of my favorite places to grab some gluten-free groceries from is Trader Joes.  If you don’t know about Trader Joes – check it out, their prices are awesome.  I left the store with a whole cart full of meats, produce and some gluten-free things for $120 (including tax!)  Love that!

One of our favorite things from there are their pancakes.  they sell 4 packages of 3 pancakes, 12 in each box.  They are gluten and dairy free, and deliciousness!  The kids love them for a treat – when we want pancakes, but are in a hurry.  In our area, they’re only $2 a box – even better!

It’s been a tough week, trying to get caught up and back on track after vacation – too many late nights.  I’m trying so hard to get to bed earlier, but so far, it just isn’t happening!  I always think of “one more thing” to do … and the next thing you know – it’s 1 am when I’m showering and starting my bedtime routine.

Last night after my son’s breathing treatment, I literally cashed out on the floor.  While the floor didn’t feel good – sleeping did …  I feel MUCH more rested and ready to conquer today our weekend of work.

If having a cleaning person didn’t rise my anxiety levels beyond belief – I’d be all over that this week!  Fortunately, I’ve gotten some great workouts in – and that has helped my spirit and my body a ton!  Praise be to God for a body that moves!  I need to be ready – today might be the day of Christ’s return!  Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

“Be on guard.  Stand firm in the faith.  Be courageous. Be strong.   And do everything with love. “

1 Corinthians 16:13

** an update on Mike’s surgery – it went well, and he is in ICU until Tuesday.  Please pray for his comfort, and healing – and for the strength and peace of his wife and family as they await all of the information from the surgery reports.

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  1. Which Trader Joes do you go to?

  2. Also, they have a printable online, that lists all of their gluten-free specific items. Helpful! We tried some of their house brand sliced turkey – it was great!

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