Mouths and More…

One of the main signs of knowing your gluten sensitivity has led to celiac disease – is vitamin absorption…  but gluten sensitivity signs can show up before that point.

What do you look for?

Much of the celiac disease information states teeth of a celiac patient – can be shaped oddly. Tooth enamel can also deteriorate from the gluten sensitivity… often people have frequent mouth sores, defects in enamel, or lots of cavities.

For me, my teeth were always … odd, and I called my mouth the million dollar mouth.  Not because it was special – but because my parents lovingly poured a lot of money into it – to give me a decent smile.

When my permanent teeth came in, it was evident there were major problems.  (Actually, my parents might say there were major problems before this – as I had such anxiety of going to the dentist that I had to see a pediatric dentist – specialist to get me straightened out.  He scared me to death.)

My biggest issue was my mouth was too small for the amount of teeth I had.  Then there was my main front tooth.  It came in side-ways and is an odd shape.  My brother’s lovingly called me “Can-opener” – saying I could work for coke, in a machine… opening cans for consumers.

You can imagine the trauma.

I had to get 4 permanent teeth and one baby tooth pulled… and then I was delighted to get braces in 5th grade.  I took care of my teeth diligently.

When my braces came off my freshmen year of high school, I had my first 8 cavities.  We chalked it up to the braces – but I still remember thinking… HOW did that happen so quickly?  Basically every molar had a cavity.

I guess I had soft teeth?  (ironically, years later my husband said the same thing about his teeth – soft enamel, lots of pits)

Then maybe a year later, I had a very odd cavity in one of my front four teeth… I never had build-up or issues, just this hole hidden on the back side of my tooth.  It seemed kinda strange.

I always flossed… and didn’t eat loads of candy, or drink pop. *shrugs*

Even after braces, and getting all four wisdom teeth pulled,  I got a new retainer, to ensure my teeth stayed in place.  I never wanted to look like a can-opener again.

Fast forward to marriage and pregnancies… 

I threw up quite a bit throughout my pregnancies.  Morning sickness was often all day sickness.  With my first, it was everyday – like clockwork (often after a bowl of cereal)  I began to hate the taste of any type of cereal because I had thrown so many up.

Then, with my 5th pregnancy, I just knew it was twins because the sickness was all day and night – no warning – cover your mouth and RUN FAST!  AND, because some in our family weren’t too thrilled about our back to back childbearing, I tried to hide the pregnancy, while losing 15 lbs that first trimester.  It was miserable.

By this point, I was pretty used to just puking and functioning.  Lots of people get sick during pregnancy.  I also seemed to get lots of short lived stomach bugs, that the rest of my family avoided.  (Looking back, much of it could have been gluten as well – I can see lots of issues in pregnancy, and in between them – where celiac kept poking it’s ugly head around.)

I believed, because of all of that,   I had some serious gum recession.  Between child 4 and 5, I had a gum surgery to help rebuild my lower front gums and a few “curtain pulls” on my uppers.  If you don’t know how they do this… Google that, it’s a whole lot of fun.  That was about 10 years ago.. my recession is much worse… now than it was before that procedure.

Again, I use a super soft brush, it’s not the brushing – or too hard of a brush.

Even with chronic sinusitis I have had – I could almost FEEL my gums receding.  I can’t always explain it – other than, it’s very painful – swelling and pain.  It feels like my teeth all have cavities, and my gums are all bleeding.   That’s how I usually know to start taking my antibiotics.  (which I used to keep on hand – I always had mastitis, sinusitis, several mouth sores or a chronic sore throat).

(Just a side note – since I’ve gone gluten-free…. I’ve had one flare up of mouth sores from cross contamination – it lasted for a week…  I have had no sinusitis).

How ironic.

On my children, they ALL had this brownish plaque that was very strange.  I scraped it off with some tools at home on a regular basis, but the dentist said it was very odd for a family to have this – that wasn’t Asian, or their diet didn’t contribute to it.  You see, our kids never drink pop, or juice, they don’t eat a lot of dark foods, nor soy sauce…  the was really no explanation.

Ironically, after going gluten-free – it’s GONE.

Seriously – ALL vanished.  It’s crazy!  (Good crazy!)

In the process of the last six months of being sick, I did have another thing happen with my teeth – my front tooth had an area just “flake off” from the enamel up by my gum line.  (see picture above)  More evidence of lack of vitamins – similarly to our finger nails or muscle cramps, our teeth can show that lack of vitamin absorption too.

Anyway – for what it’s worth…  Your mouth can be a good tell-tale of what is going on in your body.  Don’t discount it as normal, like I did.

“Christ is your example, and you must follow in His steps.  He never sinned, nor ever deceived anyone.”

1 Peter 2:21-22

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