AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible

2 month garden update. Everything is lookin’ good! My gardener does a great job watering it 2x a day! (Thanks son!)

It’s a cross fit term if you haven’t heard of it.  We’ve done chippers, and tabata… the theme seems similar…. move as much as possible, without sacrificing form.

Who doesn’t what to shorting a workout while increasing the effectiveness now and again.

*Raises hand!*  Me.

Like Tabata, this can be a number of different ways.  You always start with a warm up for 2-5 minutes…. then a cool down at the for another 2-5 minutes, but what you do in the middle is – Make it count!

The AMRAP that Bob Harper had us do went something like this:

– 10 ARM PRESSES with weights


– 20 AIR SQUATS (he really likes these… and they work well to really POP up and tuck that behind – ouch!)


Your goal is to get through as many reps as possible in that 7 minute time range.  The whole workout together was 25 minutes from warm up to cool down, and I was a hot mess after that.  It really got my heart rate up – and it was good to mix it up!

He tells the girls to shoot for a goal of 7-8 rounds in that 7 minutes, but I’m not sure what he’s on – most of them did a little over 3 rounds.  I’ve done it twice and did over 6 once, and over 5.5 yesterday – it definitely matters how you do the moves – with purpose and concentration – vs just flying through it all.

Make your workout count – and DO NOT out eat all of that hard work!!

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Exodus 20:13

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  1. So, confused a little, how do you make it 25 minutes?? Do you do all those again for another 7 minutes, 5-7 rounds, or do different exercises, same concept for another 7 minutes, 5-7 rounds??? Sounds like a fast, fun way to get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories in a short amount of time 🙂 Can’t wait to try it!

  2. He made us warm up, stretch – then run for 2 minutes? Then he had us go through all of the motions, a minute each, then we did the series, then cooled down and stretched. Add in the talking/instruction and that is what = 25 minutes.

  3. I tried to pay better attention today. It was an 8 minute AMRAP. The warm-up was 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute jump ropes, arm flies for a minute, to stretch out stretch, the squats to floor stretch 1 minute. Tabata 8 round 20sec-on/10sec-rest (on your back weighted presses), then the AMRAP was 5 push-ups, 10 supermans, and 15 air squats… then the cool down. The push ups after the Tabata presses? That was just plain mean.

  4. Sounds mean!! But also GOOD 🙂

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