What About Cheating? How Much Gluten Is Too Much?

This Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cake was so easy.  1 Vanilla Cake Package from Nastame, 1 can of pumpkin, a few eggs and one cup of Enjoy Life chocolate chips!  Delish!

When I had gestational diabetes… I was upset when I first was told I couldn’t have certain foods.

WHO WERE THEY TO TELL ME??  I AM an adult, you know?

Then WHY was I being such a big baby??

IF or when I “cheated” – who was I really going to be hurting?

Myself, and my child.  How about God? 

Yes, all of the above were being affected if I were  “cheating”.  For gestational diabetics, the nutritionists I encountered, promoted controlling blood sugars FIRST with exercise and diet.  If your body still isn’t processing sugar, you must go on insulin to help your body function.  Essentially your body is still struggling, but you force it to function through medicine.  Occasionally what can happen – is people see this as an opportunity to eat more – and then just add a little more insulin, which in turn – causes them to gain MORE weight, which further increases the problem.  It’s a terrible cycle, because it’s not getting to the root of the problem …

Don’t get me wrong, I understand blood sugars aren’t something we can always control,  I had my own share of battle with stress when everything else SHOULD have been in line.  (Surely being Celiac was also in my favor – hah!)   It’s SUPER frustrating when you’re trying hard (and feeling like you’re STARVING) but inside you body just isn’t working.   However – I don’t think a nutritional proactive approach is addressed often enough… it’s more of a “Here’s how to deal with it…” (shoving lots of processed foods and more carbs your way) vs. “Here is how to get rid of it.” (and encouraging how to eat more plant-based foods, and get lower your carb intake altogether).

With gluten sensitivity, and celiac disease, there isn’t a “magic pill” – and rightly so, I don’t think that that’s the best answer if it were possible anyway.  The reaction your body is having from gluten sensitivity is a RED FLAG that it does NOT like gluten.  No matter if you attempt to mask it, or bundle it up differently – if it wanted gluten in the first place, it wouldn’t CAUSE an adverse reaction.   The best answer – is eat the way God designed you to eat if you have gluten sensitivity – AVOID gluten.

Easy right?

It sounds easy to those who don’t have to try it, and I don’t want to belittle it – {OR complain, because it isn’t EASY} – but it IS VERY do-able, and a right heart atttitude helps.

Considering about 1 / 145th of a slice of bread  (24 – 30 milligrams of gluten), can cause inflammation – whether you FEEL it or not… in a gluten sensitive individual.  So, you can understand how having ANY isn’t a good idea.  The problem is the build up of inflammation it causes, and the amount of time that inflammation lasts.  If that small of an amount can cause a reaction, imagine larger amounts and their lasting inflammation – taxing your  body’s various systems.  It’s that taxing of your body that bogs down your immune system as well and makes you prone to extensive health issues gluten can trigger.  The longer you have an inflammation build-up, the more noticeable it will be in some way or another.  You have to decide if that is worth to you, or not.

Now that I’ve attempted to remove gluten completely from our home and diets and I know what it’s like to feel well … It’s also made me realize just how sick I was.  It helps me see and feel how long it takes to get over “accidentally” being glutenated from either cross contamination of food when we eat out, or applying a beauty product, like EYE LINER.

Yes.  Make up, and other things like shampoo, lotions, hairspray soap over the counter medicines and the like – all can contain hidden gluten.   {The trouble is, it’s NOT always clearly labeled… so you need to be able to talk with your pharmacist and or do a little homework about what you’re putting on and in your body.}

Over whelmed?  I was too… but you’ll get there.  I promise.  Baby steps.  God uses these struggles, to bring us close to Him.

The last two days I made the mistake of putting on an eyeliner that I hadn’t tried before.  I thought I had read that all “color stay” Revlon lip products that I was using were ok, they had never given me problems before… so I tried a color stay Revlon, waterproof eyeliner.

What I thought was major allergies out of the blue, and a base of the neck headache last night…. started up again the minute I got my eye make-up on today.  The sneezing fit, headache, eye aches, and swelling…. were undeniably caused by this product.  As the morning wore on and we were away from home, the worse my symptoms got.  I took off the eye liner immediately upon arrival home and had to throw out my contacts as well. I felt better after taking some IBprofen, and taking my inhaler, (yes, it was bad), but I already feel much better now and look forward to a full shower to get it all off of me so this fog can go away.

Now, after this episode and some further searching, I found that REVLON made a blanket statement in 2009, saying they would not confirm ANY of their products to be gluten-free due to processing.  I’m glad that they are honest, but I wish all beauty-care products would just put an allergy warning on there, if it contains any of the 5 main allergens.  Same thing with medicines.

Warning – you MIGHT need a translator to read these label names.  Why they don’t just put “CONTAINS GLUTEN” is beyond me.

Here are some common names of hidden gluten in beauty care products:


If you’re look for gluten-free products out there – there ARE a lot – you just have to do a little homework.  I had to GUT (pun intended) our beauty product cabinet as well, and I had quite the stocked up stash, let me tell you.   Two months later?  I’m still not done.  It’s a process to be Healthy for Him, not a race.

Here are some gluten-free/SAFE LIP choices:

Burt’s bees gloss (in the squeeze tubes) and the lipstick in the tiny chapstick-type tubes Carmex, Ecco Bella (I purchased some on-line and really like this)
Chanel (all) Nars (all) Clinique (not all– look at the label for the ingredients above) Lancome Rouge Absolu some Guerlain, 100% pure glosses and cheek/lipstick all-purpose tints (all) Red Apple Lipstick (all)

Beauty products used to be something they said were a non-issue for people with gluten sensitivity because you weren’t injesting them, and they only tied “intestinal damage” to be the major concern.  Then they said maybe some lipsticks.  Now they’ve changed their tune altogether.  If you have ANY gluten sensitivity – you can definitely have major reactions to all beauty products that can absorb into your body, and your skin is the largest organ you have.  Things such as lotions with gluten, to stickers or glue and licking envelopes (yes, all contain gluten) to be something celiac specialists now warn us about.

Personally we just had a talk with our pharmacist and let him know we were all gluten sensitive, and needed to have that flagged on our charts.  It was no problem at all, and he didn’t require a biopsy of my stomach or my DNA proof for me to make that change.  So far the kids and I have had Z-packs (Arithromycin, and the brand we had is confirmed gluten-free.)  Many of our vitamin supplements are from Vitacost.com and are also specifically gluten/lactose free.

** A few sites to check out the gluten content of medications and supplements:






** This above list taken from p. 172 of “Real Life with Celiac Disease” which is endorsed by the American Gastronterological Assoc.

Please remember that celiac disease is gluten sensitivity, but not all gluten sensitivity is celiac disease…  They are separated by the damage of the gluten sensitivity causing villous atrophy within the small intestine, although there are MANY other forms of damage from gluten sensitivity that can be found else where in the body, including the brain, heart and kidneys, as well as the hormonal, nervous, immune, digestive and musculoskeletal system.  Basically – every part of your body.  They just don’t have a set test to prove the cause of all of these other inflammatory responses – other than gene testing for gluten sensitivity, and most doctors would rather simply treat your symptoms.

The Journal of the American Medical Association stated, “Cardio vascular disease was the most common cause of death in celiac disease, followed by malignancy.” (Ludvigsson et al. 2009)

Doesn’t make that piece of gluten-filled bread or cake really worth it any more for me.

 “All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful,  but not all things build up.”

1 Corinthians 10:23


1 Package of Nastame Vanilla Cake (recipe on side of package)

3 Eggs

1 Can Pumpkin

1 cup. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

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