Unequally Yoked?

The DNA testing from Enterolab.com {for gluten sensitivity/celiac} looks like this. Just swab your cheeks – mail in, and wait. Super simple!

The Bible talks about being unequally yoked in marriage.  God warns us against it.

Any one in an unequally yoked marriage could probably let you know why this isn’t a good idea…it makes things more difficult, if not, a disaster.

Often times people enter into a marriage – equally yoked.  Perhaps they’re both UNbelievers.  Maybe they’re both NEW believers, or perhaps they’re both believers at the time.  Whatever the case, God said – to be equally yoked.

Thankfully my husband I were equally yoked when we were married.  We were BOTH newer, quickly growing believers.

A Bible study we did early on explained that to grow a marriage stronger, it’s important that there are three in the marriage… Yourself, your spouse, and God.

If you think of your marriage as a triangle – God being at the top, and you and your spouse at the bottom points… and if you both are growing towards God individually {working on yourself, because you shouldn’t try to change others} then clearly you are growing together to a coming goal of being more Christ-like.  If only one is growing, then essentially, you are growing apart.

Personally, I’ve seen this throughout our marriage.  Since we don’t always grow at the same rate – when one of us is closer to God, often times the other isn’t growing – and therefore, we can feel distanced from the other.  There has been more than one occasion when my husband felt called to something I didn’t… yet. {homeschooling, *cough*… more children… *cough-cough*}  God might have been working on me… sometimes I just forgot to listen when it wasn’t in my original plan.  Thankfully, God yoked me with one of the most patient men on the planet.

He would have to be… to put up with my knee-jerk reacting, heart on my sleeve wearing, often over-speaking – Self.

Often times my friends ask me, “So how is your husband doing with all of THIS.”  (Meaning the gluten-free living, expenses and changes…)  Yes, it has been quite drastic and I can see how it might be a stress in many marriages.

To which I reply…“HE was the first one who suggested we all be gluten-free, before we even knew all of the kids were symptomatic for gluten sensitivities.”  Their mouths gape open.  (Much like MINE did when he suggested it to me the first time.)

He realized the importance of it for ALL of us – THAT MUCH.

Their next question is… “But does he have ANY gluten issues?”

Honestly?  We don’t really know.  Personally I suspect some…  not celiac disease, but a gluten sensitivity… and to us – it was worth knowing for sure.

SO… he actually requested to be tested too, for HIS family’s sake – when my results came back!  {We’ll let you know in 3 weeks how it turns out.}

There is a certain level of guilt one has… feeling as though you’ve passed your “less than perfect” genes on to each one of your offspring, that will have life-long lasting effects.  At least… for ME there is.

Maybe I hope that it’s not JUST me… and him testing positive for gluten sensitivity would lighten my heart on the guilt-factor.  Either way, he feels it’s a non-issue… even if we are unequally yoked – {when it comes to gluten sensitivity.}

To me, a supportive spouse is ESSENTIAL in being positive for changes within your family.  It keeps the kids positive, and your outlook bright when you’re trying to tackle what sometimes feels like the impossible.  They can also take a really rotten feeling you have inside and make you remember how each part of life is ALL part of God’s master sanctification plan.   His sacrifices, and selflessness attitude have been invaluable to healing our family back to health.

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness?

Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”

2 Corinthians 6:14

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