Memorial Blessings!

We tease that we live on a compound.  Only because, we sorta live in the country.

It’s not REALLY the country… although – technically, we don’t live in town, and we DO live on a gravel road – so it IS the country.

But, to those who really live out in the middle of no where, we just live a little off of the highway.

At any rate, on our compound, we home school.

Since we home school, our children are not properly socialized.

I say this (jokingly) because that is the number one question that comes up about home schooling.  It’s such a funny joke to my husband and I now – we like to mock Tim Hawkins (Christian comedian) by sticking up our noses and saying, “PROPERLY SOCIALIZED”… {click for a giggle}

If you look up the word socialization in the dictionary, you’ll find this:

a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.

So basically, the fear is, you’d need to go to a government-run institution to realize your social class – so you could have an identity – and then act and respond accordingly.

You see how silly this sounds?

I think what most people are wanting to know is – is your child a misfit?  Can they interact with other people?  Will they stand out?

The answers to those questions are: YES, YES, and hopefully YES!

We are blessed to talk with and encourage another couple who have felt called to home school, and for me – this is always exciting.  I know how much that encouragement meant to us when we were exploring what God might have us do 8 years ago…  and it’s a blessing to be able to help do that for another couple!  Please pray for us, as we meet with them tonight!

We realize home schooling isn’t for everyone, but for us, on Memorial day – it’s one of the freedoms I hold dear to my heart.  The freedom to CHOOSE to school our children the way we feel called.

Hope you all had a glorious weekend.  If you slipped up, and ate too much or missed a workout – remember, we’re on a marathon, NOT a sprint.  Back on board today!!

Get movin’!  Remember whose body this is!!  God’s!

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? 

You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.  So you must honor God with your body.” 

 1 Corinthians 6:19-20



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