Drinkin’ the Dirt

Sounds pretty tasty doesn’t it?  Drinking dirt?Ack.

How about vegetables – that come from the dirt?  Still gross?

I was pretty grossed out, if I do say so myself.

I’ve had juicing and smoothie books – trying to figure out how to get the vitamins and calories I’ve needed… something that tastes good.

I’m one to find something that works – and STICK with it.  I think that stemmed from not knowing what was making me sick, and just being leering of the “bathroom dash”!

So…. we splurged and got a juicer.  My photographer board, that also talks about nutrition and all things organic and wonderful, in a subgroup – had discussed some of this, and I had watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” many months ago.  I was sold on the idea to TRY juicing as a supplement to add nutrition to my diet.  Not a juice fast, mind you… as I wasn’t trying to lose weight, and not just a fruit drink – as you know how I feel about drinking my calories.  My purpose now,  was just having natural options to encourage my digestion with a lot less fiber from grains in my diet.  After enjoying some spinach smoothies, I thought I was ready for the challenge.

We choose our juicer after reading lots of reviews, and deciding what was best for our needs.  We went with the Breville.  It’s easy to clean and does a great job.

2 beets, 5-6 carrots, 3 large navel oranges

So, I got my supplies, beets (aren’t they beautiful?), oranges, and carrots.  I love carrots and oranges.  The recipe was called something like “Sunrise Energy”… sounded good to me!  My family cheered as we got everything ready, and had fun pushing the fruits and veggies into the tube to be made into nutritious juice!

Oooooh!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Look at how pretty it is!  We all were so excited.

Now, in the back of my mind, I remembered reading some reviews that this had sort of an “earthy” taste.  I missed the memo about adding one beet or two, vs. the TWO I added.  I also tried to block out a few comments made about how others couldn’t get over the DIRT taste.

Into the blender it went, with ice!


We poured the cups, and handed them out… the silence was deafening.

More sips were had… everyone looked at one another and there was still, lots of silence.

Finally my husband said…”Well…?” as if to attempt NOT to say anything negative, until I did.

“I’m not sure….” I said, not wanting to scare the kids from trying it.

“YUCK!” said my honest 8-year-old son.  “This tastes DISGUSTING!”

“It does have sort of earthy taste… yes,” I said, remaining positive.

“Yeah….  I’m not sure,” my husband said, forcing down another gulp.

At this point, I decided I wouldn’t be drinking any more of this mixture.  I thought I might throw up.

I wanted to get this bad experience behind me quickly.  “Do we have any more oranges?” I asked the kids.

Thankfully we did have more oranges and carrots.  We moved onto to trying oranges and carrot juices, blended with ice and frozen mango.

Down the hatch! This was a lot tastier, to me.

“Mmmmmmmmmm! This is MUCH better,” everyone agreed.

If some of you are wondering, “What do we do with the pulp?” (like I did), they have lots of different ideas online.   I may have put them in some muffins I made shortly after the juice.

Shhhhhh – don’t tell!

Muffins with pulp in them – added nutrition and fiber!

What type of good, NEW choices are YOU making??

“For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

Galatians 5:13


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