My Mother, My Friend

My favorite picture of my mom – her HS graduation picture. As you can see – she didn’t have to try… she is just simply beautiful.

There is no one who stands in your corner like a mother.

No one who can recall things you tried to forget, like a mother.

NO ONE who knows what’s best for you, like a mother, no matter your age.

Indeed – God knew what He was doing in creating mothers.  He knew exactly what we would need.

My mom comforted my broken hearts, and wiped away many tears while I was growing up.  She always was my biggest fan, and told me I was beautiful – even when I wasn’t so pretty on the inside.

When I thought she was clueless, little did I know – she truly did have my best interests at heart.  {and she was anything BUT clueless as she never missed a beat with my “secrets”!}

It’s amazing what time, maturity, marriage and 8 children will do to growing me up a bit.

I’m thankful for my mom everyday.  Not just because she’s alive by another miracle of God – through her stem cell transplant from her brother – {against all scientific odds}.  But because she continues to be an example of courage, strength and endurance – despite the struggles she faces each day with her graph-host disease and rebuilding of her body’s immune system.

You know those things that only a mother would know about you… because she was there with you for every Dr. visit, and every dentist visit, and every surgery you went through?  YES, I’ve counted my blessings because of that too.  I’m thankful I had my mom praying for me that I wasn’t dying of intestinal cancer this year… and I’m thankful that talking through things helped me understand my own health throughout my life even more.

That fight she instilled in me, allowed me to keep working out when I felt too weak/tired – because I knew I needed to act healthy to feel healthy… vs. acting like a sick person and withering away.

I remember pushing her – when she was at the end of her rope with cancer.  It was an emotional time, and my mom’s Dr wasn’t giving her another option at life.  You see, the Dr didn’t realize what a fighter my mom was, and she had decided my mom had too many statistics against her – making her NOT a candidate for a stem cell transplant.

In short, the Dr. was going to let her die.  Just. Like. That.

As my mother cried, I stood strong in my faith that if it was God’s will for her to live or die – He would make that happen.  Not some statistic.

I had peace either way, and I believe she did too – but the outlook was bleak, and she cried a lot.  We both did.

I asked her (shouting), “Do you want to live?”  Her answer (through tears), “Yes.”

Just like that – we sought a second opinion – and HOPE was renewed for a chance to beat her cancer… though the process was unbelievably long, with many twists and turns along the way – she never stopped fighting.

God allowed me to push her like that, because He let me know that’s what she needed, and I prayed for wisdom and words to say – each time she and I talked on the phone.  I learned that strength, in times of trouble, by HER example.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lay down – you go fighting every step of the way!  (….and always laugh… comic relief is really important!)

My mom is my biggest cheerleader and never gave up on me – even though I clearly deserved nothing.  God used her cancer to gift us with a renewed, forever friendship – that might not have happened any other way.

Thank you God for mothers.  Especially mine. 

 “For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth.”

  Psalm 71:5

** Special thanks to my Dad – who not only used his cell phone to take a picture of my mom’s photograph – but learned how to SEND it from his “not-so-smart” phone.  Kudos to him!

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  1. Through tears I say, PRAISE GOD 🙂

  2. Vickie Hashman Stewart

    Sara, my blessed daughter. I love you. You are my favorite person to laugh with. You “get” me.
    This all really happened. I remember how angry you were with me and my Dr. when I was just so tired/sick. You gave me the courage to challenge her and now she calls me a miracle. I am. Thanks be to God and his angel, Sara.
    (Yes, you made me cry…hard.) Tears of joy.

  3. chris stewart

    So right on Sara…amazing writing. Way to go. Happy mothers day Sred!

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