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Ouch! That Hurt!

I like to make sure I’m making time to work out, even on vacation.  This year, I decided I would try a few new things.  I brought workout “stretchy bands”, instead of weights (for packing purposes) and I brought Bob with me (on my iPad).

I’m not sure if vacation and Bob go together for most people… But you’re probably figuring out, I’m not in the majority of any group of people.  I believe a friend of mine told me recently that I was crazy.

This was no newsflash.  {I prefer determined, but stubborn and crazy are thrown around a bit}.

So, I had BIG plans to work out hard, at least 3 days while we were gone…  And then I went and missed putting sunscreen on my legs, for a mid afternoon soccer game, the day before we left.

Would my plans be thwarted?

You know that moment when you realize you’re sunburned?  You can see the RED/white contrast, in a poorly lit room, and you know it is royally bad because the heat hasn’t fully sunk in yet?

Me on day five. Even showering hurt at this point. Due to a cool tan line, I looked like I had RED thigh-highs on. Not. Cool.

Yes.  That was me.


I’m not sure when my whiteness last saw the warmth of the sun’s rays…. But… It will suffice to say I won’t be forgetting sunscreen anytime soon!

By day five, I was still in quite a bit of pain – but was continuing to workout regardless.  After several days of aloe lotion – I got some Jason’s aloe lotion and applied that several times a day, which helped a bit more.  I also tried to keep the children from bumping, scraping and climbing my legs.  A damp towel helped when I did parts of my workouts on my knees. {yes, it still hurt, but it was my own fault!}

Glad I picked some of this up at Whole Foods. It really helped!

Here’s your friendly reminder.  DO NOT FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!!

This isn’t the type of “feel the burn” you’re wanting.

Thankfully now, it’s been a week… and I’m just scratching my itches.  Most of it’s tan – but some of it is peeling!  *snap*

“Look to the Lord and his strength;  seek His face always.”

  1 Chron. 16:11


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