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KENRA Cares!

I was pleasantly surprised with a little note in my inbox later this morning. Kenra listens when their customers have problems, and they actually replied to my blog post about my hair! Thank you Kenra!

If you’re interested as to what they do carry that IS SAFE (products in bold)… then read on! Thanks Jenny for the heads up! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and help! While I don’t color my hair, I’m happy to know that some of your products might be an option!

Hi Sara,

My name is Jenny and I am with Kenra. I came across your post and wanted to help you out with our products since you liked our Finishing Spray, but had to stop using it due to the wheat protein. The reason why wheat protein is in most hair care products, especially ones with high amounts of alcohol or aerosolized, is to moisturize the hair. We have several products that do not contain wheat protein. You could try our Working Spray 14. It has a lower hold factor than the Finishing Spray, but works very well. You could also try our Shine Spray, Silkening Gloss, or Daily Provision to help calm down any frizziness. If you want to hold curls, then you could try one of the following: Curl Define Crème, Curl Glaze Mousse, Firm Hold Gel, Hot Spray, or Thermal Styling Spray. If you want volume then you can always use our Root Lifting Spray or Boosting Spray Foam. There is also no wheat protein in our new Kenra Color line, if you color your hair.

I hope this helps you in your search for hair products! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Kenra Professional

What Is In That Cloud?

Several of the products that went out the door.

My hair is pretty important to me. Not that it’s some wonderful thing, but perhaps because I always struggled with making it tame when I was younger. When it came “in style” to wear it straight, I knew I was in for some serious challenges.

My hair is fine, dry, and curly… and there is LOTS of it – so it’s THICK. My brother’s used to call me Medusa on any given morning, at the breakfast table.

Yes. It can get ca-razy.

I was blessed after college, with a great hair dresser in the city. It was 2 hours to visit her, but before kids – this was my every-other-month shopping trip and girl time. I loved how my hair felt and how my stylist understood my needs… and my hair.

Then came the children… and going to the city, was… no longer a practical option. Thankfully I was blessed again with a wonderfully talented friend, named Melissa. Melissa understood my hair too, and again my hair was happy. I got the right products, the right cut, 12 years later – I’m still very happy!

Melissa’s great. But the last time I saw her, I didn’t think to mention celiac disease and what I was going through. I didn’t really want to talk about it on my “hour to relax”… I was tired of thinking about it frankly. That didn’t seem like a big deal…

Until this past week.

When I realized my favorite hair products probably worked so well, because they had WHEAT PROTEIN in them.

And I was right.

Unfortunately – they were making me ill and not helping my cause. I was very, very sad. Many people said that because you’re not ingesting hair products, it shouldn’t be a problem… But I read enough other information which made a good case that explained how *I* had been feeling. I wondered why I always got bad headaches while getting ready to go somewhere, and rashes from different deodorants and soaps I tried. Yes, the gluten-filled products had to leave.

My GIANT bottle of Kenra… which I dearly love – was recently kicked to the curb… along with a lot of other products.

“Now WHAT?” I thought. This is insane! What CAN I use that will work and not make me sick?

It didn’t help that this week’s weather has my hair on HIGH FRIZZ alert.

Suddenly my hair felt dry, out of control and just YUCKY.

We began looking at all of our cosmetics… the body wash, shampoos, our nail polishes and deodorants… and slowly weeding everything out that could potentially irritate rashes, or be ingested.

A little sad – but knowing, “Ok, this isn’t making me sick”, is very comforting. We’re still on the search for the perfect products to tame this beast, but we’ll get there! Today is better than yesterday, and that’s all I can ask for.

We really DO need to be checking out all of these products these major companies are selling us. It’s CRAZY what is in some of them… and obviously we’re abosorbing it into our systems.

Not. Good.

I ordered some Zoya nail polish, which is gluten-free and comes dermatologist recommended… and I’m excited to try that! Toxins – BE GONE!

“He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

Psalm 62:6

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