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My New Home

The grocery store.  It’s a necessary evil isn’t it?

I naturally spent quite a bit of time at the store.  With 10 mouths to feed, I was there at least three times a week.

I kept supplies on hand to make our usual menu, and stocked up on fruits, veggies, bread, milk, cheese and eggs.

Beautiful fruit!

Lately it seems, I go to the store almost daily… and usually I go to three different stores on any given trip!  Mostly for produce and label reading.

I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time, but I still have LOTS to learn.

Soon it won’t be like this – but the past two weeks have been a bit of a blur.

Watching for gluten-free labels and having to read ingredients on every product I pick up is pretty time-consuming, and then trying to remember *I* still can’t have lactose or milk protein (casein) in anything either is quite confusing in my brain fog state.  It’s almost impossible to go WITH multiple children.

I really wish that people could just put (in english) what is in the product… so I didn’t feel like I needed a chemistry degree to figure it out.

I think the word “gluten” on my Google app should be a button I push, as I’m often searching, “contains gluten?”  Why can’t my smart phone just KNOW I’m going to ask about gluten content?

You see quickly why it’s much easier to just eat whole foods.  For me, that’s simple… most products make me sick.   For the kids?   I hope their food intolerance stops here… but for the most part, they’ve been fantastic about the changes.

We got signed up with our local food co-op and got some great foods.   We are now “members” in our local co-op grocery store.  We bought somethings online at iherb.com and vitacost.com as well.  We bought some bulk things from amazon.com – and hopefully soon – we’ll be restocked, and I can exhale a bit.

When I realized I needed to start planning food for our vacation as well, I went into overdrive!  The no brainer items suddenly became a bit more complex.

My husband suggested maybe we just cancel the vacation, the task of feeding everyone – and finding some safe restaurants seemed too daunting, and he could tell I was wearing low from being sick, and struggling to eat much lately.

BUT – cancel vacation???

I can’t do that.  I knew I had to figure out a plan to make it work.  I prayed God would fill me up and allow me to see what we needed to do to keep us healthy while traveling.

Things won’t wander too far from how we already do things, the main thing is making sure we have the right snacks available!  We’ve had floor picnics in our hotel for a few years now.  We spread out a tablecloth, and the kids think it’s a blast!  I can go to the grocery store and get fruits, veggies and some supplies to make sandwiches easily, and it’s often WAY cheaper than eating out!

One of my favorite snacks! Carrots and gluten free peanut butter!

{Personally, it’s a lot less stressful than going to a restaurant at the end of a long, nap-less day.}  Now that we’d be going in as a large “picky” group, wanting specifics – I doubt we’ll eat out very much at all, and that’s just fine with us!

We do have some options for when we’re tired of sandwiches, and I’m so thankful for the restaurants who offer gluten-free menu options – especially for the kids!  Back to baking – I have a lot of food to make!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I’m still working out.  YES.  I am…  and I’m thankful that part of my life has been consistent!  Also, thank you for putting up with my typos and grammar errors, it’s been quite humbling to me.  It’s always easy to being an editor to other people’s writing.  I stink at editing my own and the brain fog only made that worse.

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” 

John 16:33

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