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Pizza – THAT Sounds Good!

I’m all about great tasting food.  After settling for bland the past few months, I have been excited about tasting some things I was missing.

While scouring my 4-ingredient cook book, I stumbled upon some great ideas that seem more like other things we’ve eaten in the past.  Things that would work for myself – and my whole family (so I wasn’t making two meals when avoidable!)  Not to mention, it was also an affordable option.

So I gathered up my ingredients for these easy, healthier pizzas:

Food for Life GF Tortillas 6pk – these were SUPER yummy.

Some Amy’s Tomato Basil Sauce. (Also GF, and for me, this made the punch – YUM!)

So, I added some shredded chicken, prepared with GF chicken broth, from our meal the night before and topped with cheeses.

Now here’s where things went wrong for me…  and I guess I had to make the mistake to figure out what my body was thinking buuut….  I had read most hard cheeses are ok (and gluten-free), but mozzarella wasn’t on that list [I realized later].  As if that wasn’t bad enough,  I know I’m lactose intolerant but I was just hoping, on a whim, that might have been a fluke due to my body being disgruntled about the gluten.

Organic cheddar and mozzarella that we shredded.

So you see here I put only cheddar on a few pizzas, and I was going to keep mine with just cheddar.   However, in the mix of making dinner, and being hungry, and 500 questions, and tripping over feet like an obstacle course in my kitchen (why again did we build a larger home if we were all going to live in a 2 ft square?)…  Anyway – I forgot.  Call me a rookie.

It hit me about 5 minutes into eating it… but I was thinking about how GOOD it was at that point – and I shut out that I was going to regret eating it.  I had 3 small pieces of the whole pizza.

And they were VERY good.

But I felt like I was trapped in my skin all night… and I was swollen and sore for 2 days and back came the head fog.  Boo to the cheese!

How’s that for color? Wa-lah!

I spent that night and a majority of the next day beating myself up for making such a silly mistake, that hurt myself again.  I need to give myself a little grace… it is a lot to remember – I just wish the effects didn’t last so long, or you could just take an epi-pen and make them go away, once you realized it!

Silly cheese, you won’t trick me again!

I will be going back to cheese-less pizza from now on.  I will continue making this for my kids because it was great, and we all loved it.  We just baked them at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; 
He will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22

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