Meeting Myself Face-to-Face [PART TWO]

Was I healed from my digestive issues after pregnancy?

Not quite.

The earliest I can remember having digestive issues again, was last spring. I know I slowed down nursing my daughter around that time as she was eating more table foods, but perhaps just my hormones levels were dropping as well.   At any rate… I started having upset stomachs – a lot. I mostly noticed symptoms after dinner, but it increasingly got worse throughout the year.

The gas.  It was toxic.  During workouts he would tease me, but it was more than just occasional bad gas…  I had other weird symptoms.  I tacked them up to perimenopause, or “something I ate”… but I knew I was at the top of my game.  I was healthy, eating right… other than my stomach – I felt great.

Fall came and went, and my husband begged to me to mention my issues to our Dr at a well child visit. I reluctantly promised that I would.

How embarrassing.

WHO wants to ask about BAD GAS and bloating on the side of a well visit appointment?  It didn’t seem very lady-like, but I asked just the same.

The Dr was super about it, he immediately suggested I might be lactose intolerant.  I was to cut out dairy, and try that.

OH MY! I was so relieved!   “Just” cut out dairy? That’s easy enough…

and so, for the next month I did.

Later, when I tallied up how much dairy I actually ate at that point, and realized I didn’t really even eat that much. I cut out milk 6 years ago, and other than my yogurt cup in the morning, and a small spoonful of cottage cheese on my daily salad… I didn’t consume anything else but perhaps some processed cheese in a casserole or soup.  So unless it was in something baked, I wasn’t consuming much dairy.   All in all, cutting out the cheese helped some.   But it almost seemed as if the bloating and pain were getting worse and other symptoms were that I had been passing off – were also more noticeable…  More foods that were upsetting me, mainly – were anything carb related… and I didn’t tie them together as all being related until later on.

and then “IT” hit.

We were having painters come to paint the house, remember our fresh coat of paint? Well, having people in my house while I’m trying to do school STRESSES ME OUT and my stomach just went haywire.  I was sick, sick, sick those weeks – but sicker than I’ve ever been with “IBS” issues.  Maybe it was because I had so much to do, maybe I was just tired… maybe… I just didn’t know what.

Again, it didn’t seem to matter what I ate, the bloating, and instant diarrhea – I would felt like I was in a terrible fog, fighting to function through our daily life.  At a borderline LOW BMI, I looked 5 months pregnant following meals.  My stomach could get rock hard, and my left side cramped.  The pain was right under my ribs, and it hurt to sit.  My organs felt bruised.

When my husband told me he had to run a load of boots out to a store, I literally cried.   I didn’t know how I was going to function, but he had a lot of stress at work, and I wanted to support him going. He left early, and promised me he’d be back before evening. I was certain I could be strong, and prayed God could get me through the day.

As I struggled to make it to the bathroom that day, I laid out like a lifeless thug on the table while we worked our way through school. My head hurt, my body hurt… I felt like someone had been shaking my brain all up and I couldn’t think.  It was more than sleep deprivation I’ve had with newborns, this was with plenty of sleep, exercise and good nutrition – AND lactose cut out.  Something was very wrong…. I decided I definitely needed to see the Dr again, and soon.

[to be continued…]

“Only let us hold true to what we have attained.”  Philippians 3:16

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