Butter, Cheese and Stuff Like That!

Once at family camp, when I was a small child,  I grabbed a stick of butter and attempted to eat it.

I guess I was hungry?


You’ve been there before.  You turn your head for ONE minute… and you to turn back to your child doing the unthinkable…

Butter “scoops” have often be confused with “ice cream” or whipped cream to our children.  More than once, I’ve stopped a child attempting to eat the fluffy mound at a restaurant.

For whatever reason, that seemed to cure me of desiring butter… for MANY years.  Even now, I shutter at the thought, and I think I was only 2 when that happened.

Good memory of a terrible event.

Currently, due to some stomach issues, I’ve given up the butter, milk and cheese I can…  and it’s been a worth-while sacrifice.  I feel A LOT better.

I almost giggle at how I was repoisoning myself, time and time again – and I could have avoided that…  Well, if I’m not giggling yet – I will someday.

Butter and cheese are items that can add up quickly… and often times you really can do without them.

Every pat of butter is about 36 calories.  If you step that back, you could save 1008 calories a week, 4032 calories in a month, or 48,384 calories in a year!!

Since 3,500 unused calories = ONE POUND OF FAT…

You could lose 14 lbs in one year – not even trying that hard.

While I don’t recommend eating a stick of butter, so that you’ll NEVER desire to eat butter again.  Think about the possibilities that can add up – by making simple changes!

God celebrates when we make healthy choices for Him!

Happy St. Patrick’s day!  If you don’t know much about St. Patrick – look him up!  Such a great example, and the only person to have a world-wide holiday celebrated in his honor.  We honor him on the day he died, March 17th, 460 A.D.

What are you doing or wearing GREEN today? We made these fun treats for my daughter's Bible club.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

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