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Change. Painfully Good?

Ahhh... a fresh coat of paint for our finger printed walls! Change feels good!

We built our house almost 10 years ago now…   It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but when I reflect all that has happened in 10 years – it’s pretty unbelievable.  When we began designing our project, we had 3 children, and hoped and prayed for a 4th… which we were pregnant with before the project was complete.  We moved in June, we had #4 right after Thanksgiving.  Wow, what a year!

My heart was full.  Two healthy boys, two healthy girls… a roof over our heads designed with the 6 of us in mind.

When you build a house – you attempt to pre-consider everything you might or COULD need in the years to come.  At least you try.  We had to scale back our project a few times during the process to get more in-line with budget figures, and at the time, we felt we made the best decisions we could have…

But I will never forget my father-in-law saying, “There is no perfect house, your needs are always changing.”  I considered what he meant… and we tried to focus on structurally what needed to be the priorities.  I got it, what you need with 4 kids under the age of 5 is different when they’re teenagers, and when you’re empty nesters.  I thought I got it.

Turns out, he was more right than I could have imagined.  We added 4 MORE children to our original house plan of 4 in those following 6 years.  Or rather, God did.  I praise Him that we were open to His plan for our family … but with it, obviously came some change from our original plans.  Paint is easy to change, you can buy more dressers, and stack up the beds…  but then we dealt with things like, “we don’t fit at our table, let alone in our dining room…”  and “how to we manage the laundry ‘situation’ that is over taking our bedroom?”

Things had to change because it wasn’t working well.

Going from 4 to 8 certainly didn’t happen overnight, but slowly things didn’t work anymore when the number doubled.

I was blessed with a friend who helped me envision my “new” dream for our house to function better…  and it allowed me to let go of the selfish desires I had in “my plans” for our family of 6 and allowed me to lovingly embrace the functionality of God’s plan for our family of 10.

Letting go of my original plans was actually somewhat painful for this structured, planner of a girl.  Realizing that we’d never fit at the Crate and Barrel table I lovingly chose when we were first married was the first of silly, material heart-breaks I had to release…  That might have been WHY I put it off until the change was so needed, I no longer cared what my original plan was.

In the end, I knew it didn’t matter WHAT table we were together at, but that we were together.

God allowed me to focus on what I did have – instead of what I didn’t…  and obviously – the eternal value of my children meant SO much more.

Change is like that.

Sometimes we avoid it.  We dread it.  We put it off.  Sometimes in the process of change – it can be ugly, frustrating…

… even though we KNOW in our hearts something needs to change for things to work better.  For our bodies.  For our witness.

Then, after the change – we wonder WHY it took us so long to make that first move.

You know where I’m going with this…

God never promised you’d be comfortable.  He promised to comfort you.

Bob Harper, [or the powers that be that tend to his Facebook page] reminded us last week to not get comfortable.  Just when you reach one goal – be looking towards the next one!  So…  if you’ve conquered a goal recently – what was it?  What is your next big goal?  Let me know how I can be praying for you as you strive to be healthy for Him!

“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”  Hebrews 12:14

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