The Un-Invite – Invite

You’ve maybe had one of these before…

Someone invites you to something…  knowing you either can’t, or won’t… due to circumstances beyond your control, or perhaps against your beliefs, convictions or otherwise.

They think they’re being polite – and perhaps, their intentions are good…  But sometimes it feels really rotten.

You’d almost wish they hadn’t mentioned it at all…  because you know that option isn’t possible for you.  Not now.  Maybe never…

Examples would be something like this… You’re a mom of a young nursing baby, you can’t leave that child for the entire day – and your friends invite you on an “adult only” week-end get away.

Obviously you can’t go.  It’s not that you didn’t want to go (although, sometimes you don’t!)…  but you realize the short-term “cost” to go – outweighs the long-term effects on your decisions – and they’re not worth it to you.

Need some more examples?

People make plans and invite you to come over on a night they know you have a set weekly engagement on…  or they make sure you know how much work they have to go to make room for “such a big group”…   Sometimes people do this at weddings – inviting only the adults, and excluding the rest of your children…. family.  Now granted, all people have reasons for why they do things, and they may sincerely NOT be trying to be selfish hurtful – but you can bet it sometimes FEELS hurtful, when you’re often the ones left out or made to feel “over the limit”.  [side note to say that our friends have always been good about inviting our WHOLE family if they invite us…  these are just fictional situations combined with examples I’ve put together over the years]

At any rate, I like to call this, “The Un-invite-Invite”.

Do you know what is great about our God?

He never does that.

When you’re one of His, He never makes you feel un-included.  He welcomes us… regardless of the mistakes we’ve made…  There are no specific requirements on your family’s size – big OR small… nor on your body – big or small and He loves His children equally.  We don’t have to work extra hard to try to prove to Him we’re great.  He designed us, and He knows it.

There is some serious peace in that.  We just need to acknowledge that we are worth it.  Our health is worth it.

This not only brings peace… but that makes me want to be a light for Him all the more.  To show others what He has done for me… in me…   I know for certain it wasn’t just “in me” the way my life has come together, nor the direction it’s going.

Praise Him today for our acceptance, and love…  that only HE can give.  Praise Him even for our struggles that help us to see Him all the more clearly.

Stop looking elsewhere!  (Especially not in FOOD for comfort or settling for good enough.)  He’s all the motivation you need to make the changes to be healthy.

So, while people may continue to do and say (unknowingly) hurtful things…  forgive them for not realizing the impact of their words…  either on yourself, OR your family.  Focus on what you can do to bring God glory in the darkness – give to others in need – food, prayers, time…  and give the hurt to the One who can take it away.

“But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”  Matthew 5:39

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  1. OH HOW I LOVE THIS POST! 🙂 Reminds me its time to INVITE You all over on a night you are free! LOVE YOU!

  2. Thanks Jen. I know you really get this feeling. It’s so difficult to explain to children… We always appreciate your hospitality!

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