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Eat More! Lose Weight!

Excuse me?
Yes… that isn’t a typo. I said – Eat MORE and lose weight…

I don’t actually mean QUANTITY of food – I’m talking QUALITY of food in regards to nutrition power.

Fueling your body, and keeping your metabolism going, is your best defense against gaining weight, and your biggest help in losing weight.

Snacks – very important. DO NOT miss your snacks. When you leave the house, make sure you have access to snacks. Not having good snack choices can lead you into a world of BAD choices. Plan ahead!

Don’t just stop eating things you love… because you’ll crave them ALL the more.

Before I thought you had to diet to lose weight… I always deprived myself of things I really loved. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about them… because in my mind, all I could think of was… I don’t think if I can do this if I can’t ever have ___________ again. (fill in the blank with… birthday cake, cheese cake, what have you…)

You know what? I’m fine with not ever having icing on cake, it’s not my thing… and I easily put cheesecake where it belonged. But there are things that ARE worth those extra workouts for me… and I enjoy them dearly – and make sure to keep all things in balance. I’m no longer ignorant to what I’m doing to my body – I treat it as the machine God designed it to be.

Honestly, if you can’t do whatever you’re doing for the rest of your life – why bother? There are plenty of people I know that can lose weight… is that success? How about taking it off – and keeping it off… to live a normal, healthy, satisfied life? Isn’t that what we truly desire? A lifestyle transformation that lasts?

As far as changes go… Start by eating less of those things you struggle with, and more of the things that are good for you… closer to the earth things (not processed junk!)

Be purposeful in looking at what an actual serving is… BEFORE you consume it. You might be shocked at first {sometimes I still am!}… but getting in-line with that first step is the type of education that is key to helping YOU be empowered to making better choices for His glory… and look at what your body REALLY needs as far as calorie intake.

Don’t be afraid of actually eating the things that you love or enjoy… when you make it YOUR choice to give them up – it’s much easier than feeling like you’re on some restricted diet and “have to” give them up. I like to give my “bonus food” an exercise value (as in, it takes XX amount of time to burn this off…)

No one likes to be told what they can do… so realize that isn’t what is going on here. YOU are making educated choices. You’re either choosing to take charge, or let those extra calories… that excess fat, carbs and sugar turn into fat.

When I had gestational diabetes, the nutritionists said that older men fought change the most. Followed by older women. SO, the younger we are, the more of an opportunity we have with training our children in the right way, correct portions, etc… that will hopefully help the next generation even more!!

That said, God can do anything… and no matter what your age, or your past – He can transform you. Body, soul and spirit. Don’t put yourself and your past experiences in a box and don’t give up on your loved ones either. Keep lovingly trying to guide them towards healthier choices. Encourage them when they DO make better choices! We all started somewhere… and I’m sure plenty of times I was labeled a “lost cause”.

Thankfully… God never saw me that way.

If He can transform this body after 8 kids, and this mind following all of my bad habits… He can do the same for you!

“Praise the Lord in song, for He has done excellent things…” – Isa. 12:5

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