Be Mindful…

Mindful…  Thoughtful.

To actually think through what you’re doing.

Since I’m always encouraging you to move.  Today I’m going to tell you to:


Yep, that’s right… SIT DOWN.

Do you ever eat … standing up?  While you’re fixing food… in a hurry…

Is that very MINDFUL?

Because when I’m not sitting… and mindlessly eating…  I’m often eating things I don’t realize…

Think of when you cook.

POP!  In goes a little of this, a nibble of that… we need to make sure it tastes good. (ahem)

*Crunch* … a few extra chips … (they don’t count if I’m standing right?)

Pretty soon, we’ve had an extra serving of something we didn’t intent to.

That wasn’t very purposeful – was it?  I didn’t even ENJOY it.

Focus on eating MINDFULLY – not mindlessly.  Sit down… and after giving thanks to God – chew your food slowly so you can actually taste and savor it.

Again – I know this is super difficult … we’re in a hurry – someone is always needing something.  I often laugh at the comedy routine at our table…. BUT really…


All it takes is a bit more effort.

By doing so, I bet it will help you eat just little less… and a little less – everyday, REALLY DOES add up!

Plus you’ll be just as satisfied!

So… go sit down!!!

“What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” – Psalm 8:4

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