Don’t Fall! Eyes Up!

I love asparagus and made this tonight - BIG HIT! Thank-you pinterest!


The new year is in full swing…  and you’ve probably noticed the barrage of ads with diet tricks and tips, not to mention it seems every retail outlet is now carrying some form of workout wear.  It’s almost comical how quickly everyone jumps on board in January…

Our entire nation is one big health nut.

Not quite.

At any rate…  most of us feel encouraged this time of year.

We have our new goals…  You may even have some new shoes or gear to get you started on the right track.  (Love me some new shoes… I’m all about it!)



This gaining, and losing weight…

This type of weight gain and loss… is really hard on your body too – and NOT healthy for your heart.

I’m not talking about numbers as in, we have to be a certain size.  I’m talking what those extra pounds make you FEEL like…

So, WHY do you need to get this weight off, and HOW are you going to do it FOR GOOD?

The answer is…

Safely and effectively transform.

So, beyond your goals of a number you have in mind to lose…  Try thinking about how you’re going to STAY with your goals.  Stay on that narrow path for life, vs. falling off the road again and again, and again.

THIS YEAR IS going to be different.

How SO?

With the exception of Weight Watchers, [who actually trains you how to get a caloric value and eat in real life] – many of these systems, and gimmicks are HOPING you fail.

Sad, but true.  They actually want to keep selling you stuff.  So, with the exception of personal trainers, and real-life people who are hoping to invest in your life for the long haul – most of the stuff out there, isn’t to help you better yourself for your lifetime.  They may not even want you to know the truth of how your body works.

Unfortunately, most people are just SO DESPERATE to get the weight off.  They think, the quicker the better – and they’ll do about anything someone says WORKS.  From hormones, to shakes and pills and NOT eating…  almost everything is available for the choosing.

But, that’s NOT Truth.  Losing weight quicker isn’t better, nor is it longer lasting.  If it was, a majority of people in this country wouldn’t look and feel the way they do.

{If you need to review – I remind you to go back to June 2011 of this blog – seek out some answers on the basics of true transformation.  God designed our bodies in a specific way, and it’s really easy to decode with some simple math and His word!}

Try thinking beyond your person goal – and pray for a goal God might give you this year… one that you can work on with His strength – throughout your life.  Pray about what those might be, and seek His will for you.

It’s a lifestyle – NOT a diet that’s going to be true transformation and benefit to you!

“Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” – Matthew 7:13


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  1. Amen!

    I will say I was really encouraged by my King Soopers (grocers) attempt to help people with their resolutions: grass fed, natural beef was on sale b1g1 (making it the same price as the hormone filled, bio-engineered grains fed equivalents) and all natural chicken (the $7/lb kind) was also on sale b1g1, along with other healthy choices this last week. I wrote them personally and thanked them, and asked if they would please offer sales like this year-round!

  2. That’s awesome Heather! You have to love that! Often it’s really not MORE expensive to eat healthy… we just assume so, as one more excuse. In the end, what we spend in healthy food could be saved in Dr.’s bills!

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