The Big Break-Up

Who knew?

Some states have implemented laws which insist restaurants put all of the nutritional value on the table, er… on their menu. If you’re like me, you think this sounds like a fantastic idea. It’s been an eye opener for many people I’m sure, and as a result – I’m guessing people might be changing their eating habits.

I know restaurant eating has changed dramatically for us. Not only do we figure out what a restaurant offers BEFORE we go there (thankful for smart phones and iPad technology!), some restaurants we’ve simply avoided all together.

One was Olive Garden.

I used to love that place.

That should have been my first signal that it wasn’t the best choice…

But who doesn’t love eating bottomless baskets of white-cake “bread sticks”, and a bottomless bowl of “salad”… with their special dressing. Just one serving of that had 350 calories, and over 1900g of sodium. Not to mention 26g of fat.


Was that just the salad?


So even if we got the salad, with no dressing… and split one of the meals – we decided it wasn’t worth it. We ended up over eating and not feeling full. None of the menu items were THAT great to us – so it’s not even a question anymore.

We had to break it off.

I remain hopeful that they’ll make some changes… with more people becoming aware on the west coast. Surely eventually it will trickle this way. If some of these restaurants don’t make changes, I can’t see them staying in business for the long haul. BUT, then again… McDonald’s probably hasn’t noticed that I haven’t been there in 2 years…

All we can do is tell them through what we purchase, or not. Remember to be educated about what you’re putting in your mouth – especially when you’re not the one preparing it!

“Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it, but folly brings punishment to fools.” – Proverbs 16:22

Macaroni Grill sent an email with new menu items under 600 calories! Some are listening!

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  1. Oh my goodness, so funny that you are talking about this. Andrew requested a special date lunch on Sunday while Ethan was having some time with Nana. He picked IHOP, definitely not my first pick! They now list all the calories on their menu, I hardly wanted to eat after I saw it all listed out!

  2. Okay, just looked up the calories for what I had.

    Side salad with dressing on the side (always have done that, didn’t use tons of it)
    Bowl of chicken tortilla soup (one of their soups had almost 500 calories!

    Guessing I was probably around 500-550 calories since I didn’t use all of the dressing. Not too bad for lunch out!

  3. Ironic! IHOP was the first place my husband noticed the caloric info, when he was in Portland last year. He felt the same way – sick! Sure made it easier to make better choices though! Sounds like you did a great job!!

  4. Ha! Yeah, a lot of places now list it, and it certainly does change things. Not that I had “horribly” before, but things that most people think are harmless & healthy definitely are not!

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