Strength At The End!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   I hope you safely celebrated with the ones you love most last night.  We had a quiet evening in, with the family.  It wasn’t our first choice of plans – but some of our kids are under the weather, and if possible – we try to put being together before being apart.  It’s not always easy, and it goes against the grain of the world, but it works for us!  Before we had our little pizza party during a movie and painted toenails for the girls, my husband and I worked out with Bob.

It was one of our favorite workouts – Super Strength from the Inside Out Method.  My husband recalled when I enticed him to do just the 20 minute “Buns and Balance” portion of the DVD – a year ago to the day – on New Years Eve.  He wasn’t prepared for even the 30 second squat holds, and it left him unable to walk correctly for the greater part of the next week.  Yes, I truly do love this man who was willing to try something new after assuming my DVDs were just for women.  [He has changed his tune and now loves Bob’s challenges as much as I do!]

About 45 minutes into that 67 minute workout, Bob starts teasing how he can’t wait for the end of the workout.  If you haven’t done his workouts before, you’re thinking ??  The end is the cool down…. right?  However, Bob often does these finale “bursts” or some type of surprise at the end, just when you think… “Great, time to slow down, he can let off that throttle now!”


Guess again.

He states that he wants to see what you have at the END of the workout.  He says something like, “Everyone is strong in the beginning, I want to see what you have at the END – give it all you’ve got!”

It got me thinking about NEW YEARS resolutions… and well, life in general.

Everyone is excited for NEW starts.

New plans.

New hopes.

New dreams.



But, how about at the END of the year??  Are we still finishing strong?

What about at the end of our life?  Will we still finish STRONG good and faithful servant?

I’m challenging myself this year – to not only START strong, but to finish strong too.

How about you?

Who says we need some big break from serving our God?  [ it’s the world – don’t listen!]

You CAN do this… being healthy isn’t a punishment.  He will transform your heart and mind.  Living for Him in every way is the BIGGEST and most richest blessing out there.

Invest in that.

Start strong.  FINISH Strong.  Every day.

“For who is God, but the LORD?  And who is a rock, except our God? This God is my strong refuge and has made my way blameless. 

He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights. “  -2 Sam. 22:32-34

**One of my goals is the rid myself of my daily half donut.  I have been doing it while nursing our almost 2-year-old baby – and while I don’t think it’s the end of the world (I still need some fat), it’s another thing I can choose to give to God – and make a better daily choice with.  So, good-bye daily half Krispy Kreme cake donut – it’s been real!

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  1. Love it, Sara! Was just talking to a friend yesterday about finishing strong….staying strong, that IS the toughest part! I’ve resolved to be consistent on the treadmill/Dvd’s/whatever makes me feel healthy!

    I have given up a couple of things this past year & I definitely feel better for it….a little self-control is a great thing. I “slipped” a bit during the holidays & definitely noticed that I didn’t feel as great afterwards. Good reminder!

  2. Amen Chera – self control is so important. I remember the days when I had no limits, and how awful that made me feel. I’m a much happier and healthier wife, mother and friend on track!

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