Choice Choices…

Bethlehem, the city of bread. (I'm guessing wheat bread!)

We each make choices.  Everyday we’re making choices.

You’re choosing what you put into your mouth, and if you’re going to chew it up and swallow it.

If you’re anything like me, your brain is now programmed to calculate calories into an exercise conversion rate.

It helps A LOT, because it makes me STOP. And think.  BEFORE I consume.

Do I *really* want that… THAT badly?  Because if I’m going to be consuming (however many calories or however many carbs, fat, or sodium) that food has… I want it to be worth it!!

Can I get an AMEN?

When Danna shared in her Scale Down book about not having to swallow food that we put into our mouths… (if it didn’t taste good, or we changed our mind… or for what ever reason…), it was very freeing.  It help me be more aware about what foods even made it to my lips in the first place.

Personally, we battle this all of the time, but especially THIS time of year.

Many of our vendors of our stores send chocolates, cookies and various gift baskets.  Friends make platters FULL of cookies, and yummy, sugar filled treats.

Where you can get into trouble… is “trying” a little of this or a dabble of that… over, and over… and OVER.

Ugh.  Tummy ache?

Every calorie counts, and so a bunch of “taste testing” can really ADD UP quickly.

People don’t really wonder where those extra 10 lbs come from this time year… do they?

Those who want to share with you, and want you to try something new, or taste something “so good” – have good intentions…


You MUST have a plan.

We had one of our family Christmases this past weekend, and a wedding to attend.

This had the potential to be a disaster – healthier for Him-wise.  There was a lot of great food, and I attempted to make the best choices I could…

At the family Christmas, the local BBQ place was catering.  It’s great food, and I’m certain if I loved BBQ we’d eat it a lot more frequently.  Since nothing green, nor any fruit was on the menu, I offered to bring a green leaf salad to share.

I passed on the white rolls. (The whiter the bread… the quicker you’re … _ _ _ _.  No brainer for me.)

I passed on the potato salad.  (While I don’t mind potato salad, I know it’s not a best or even better choice – so I just simply don’t eat it much because it’s not a ‘worth it’ food to me – thank you God!)

I passed on the cheese corn.  (Again, extra cheesy veggies just don’t float my boat – and sauces are a major risk for my intestines, one not worth risking to me that day!)

Basically I ate salad, delicious smoked turkey and a tablespoon of baked beans.  I also had a whole wheat sugar cookie.  (I would much rather have the cookie vs. a roll – but that’s just me!)  I mentioned the cookie was whole wheat – right?  (that’s pretty much health food!)

The wedding was of a similar menu.  BBQ sandwiches on a nice big WHITE bun, meat balls, crackers, chips.  Snack foods, dips, and some veggies.  I just had meat, some fruit, and veggies topped off with a small piece of cake with minimal frosting.  It was just enough, and very tasty.

Some people assume we don’t eat sugar, or perhaps they’re confused at our rhyme or reason of our eating.  I often see eyes looking our way… “what are they going to eat, or not eat?  Why is she not eating a roll, but then eating a piece of cake?”

The answer?  It’s all about choices.

The choices that work for me.

When offered things like chocolates, or fudge (things I really don’t care for),  I don’t mean to rude in my response, but I just really hate to consume something I don’t desire to eat.  It’s not worth it to me or to my health.

But, we’ve talked about this before – some people might not appreciate the changes you’ve made, and they don’t “get” what you’re doing…To others, eating something to “try” is no big deal… and having a “special” treat most of the time isn’t a big deal.

But to me?  If it’s not something I WANT to try… then that is ok too.  No one wants to feel bullied into eating something they don’t want to eat!

Honestly.  Who is it really hurting?  It’s food.  We really need to lighten up about other people’s healthier choices, and let it go.

What is good for me, may not be good for you.  What is worth it to me, might not be worth it to you.  Make the “choice choices” for YOU, that glorify God in the body.  The key is being EDUCATED about what is going in…

If you’d rather not have what is being offered, politely say, “No thank you!”

“The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.” – Psalm 103:8

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