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Free FAT! What Is REALLY Being Sold!

The Bible study group and I were on a mission about this time last year.  We were coupon clippin’, Proverbs 31 crazies!  NOT extreme couponers mind you, this wasn’t a full-time job for any of us…  But striving to save our families money in some way, was part of the class.  We wanted to be good stewards of what we had been given.  I think we did a great job – we shared coupons, and shared savings info.  I think some of it might have even stuck!  A year later I’m still keeping on top of my coupons.  (Although I did let a few slide before Thanksgiving – ouch!)

Well, because I had already done the Scale Down study, I was paying extra attention to those items in my cart… and obviously which items I needed coupons for.  It doesn’t take long for one to realize that the cheapest processed food, is often the worst for you… and OFTEN times – they’re pushing coupons for that low quality food as well.    That isn’t always the case – but it’s definitely the majority of food coupons.  Sad isn’t it?  That our society just perpetuates this poor nutrition and poor health…  but coaxing you to buy MORE of it, just because you can buy it for less!

Even comparing lesser expensive store brands, with most name brand foods – you’ll discover their nutrition content is also less.  This is very common at places like Mall-Wart.

At 120 calories, and 17g net carbs, this is a better choice for a processed dessert! Yum!

Then there are the FREEBIES.  Beware!!

Look!  A coupon for a free “whatever new concoction that resembles food but won’t biodegrade for months if left out on the ground”…   Don’t use it that COUPON!!  Don’t fall for it!!  What are they NOT telling you?

It’s FREE… but it’s garbage for your system!

This can possibly mess up your digestive system for the next week… or if you’re like me, the next month.

(When I used to struggle with IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] – all it took was something like a fast food meal, preservative, sauce or other mysterious ingredient to trip me up!)

Is it worth it?

Of course NOT!

Please.  Don’t fall into their schemes – your health is worth so much MORE to Him!  (and it should be worth more to YOU too!)  Go with what you know to be True!

Happy Monday!

“Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for [that day will not come] until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.”

 – 2 Thess. 2:3

** Side note – my friend let me in on a great coupon app, which searches for specific coupons in your area!  Check it out:  It’s just called “The Coupon App” (thanks Chrissy!)


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