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Is It Just Me?

Or the days seeming incredibly short lately?  I mean, I know the daylight is shorter this time of year… but honestly, at about 5:30 pm – I feel like it’s midnight some days!

It’s not a wonder that a lot of people become depressed this time of year.  It can ruin the fun to get out and about, but we must!!  People are hacking everywhere you go, and the sun… well, when it’s out – it’s NOT for long!  It’s extra important to move when you can – but if you’re tempted to NOT workout at night, get your move on while the sun is out and you FEEL like you’re alive.  I know as the sun goes down – your metabolism and motivation can go right along with it!

I know I talk about my night work outs – but I will admit, it’s MUCH more difficult in the winter.  It comes down to commitment for me… but if you’re still struggling – just be honest with yourself and God and make a commitment when the sun is out!  (and no, that’s not a freebie to not workout when it’s a cloudy day…  I *know* what you’re thinking…)

Speaking of winter, and depression… I was reading an article about the top 12 things that make some people happier than others… 3 of them were:  Having a strong spiritual life, taking care of your body, and committing to your goals.  Hmmm… that sounds familiar!  That article even when on to suggest that exercising… YES… EXERCISING can be better medicine than Zoloft!


“Did you know that studies conducted on people who were clinically depressed showed that consistent exercise raises happiness levels just as much as Zoloft?  Not only that, but here’s the double whammy… Six months later, the people who participated in exercise were less likely to relapse because they had a higher sense of self-accomplishment and self-worth.”

Maybe, just maybe… there is something to this exercise thing!

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
Spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may rejoice in You.

Surely, LORD, You bless the righteous; You surround them with Your favor as with a shield.”

– Psalm 5:11-12

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