Jesus – My Personal Trainer!

A few days ago, on a quick glance, I caught JJ Heller’s Facebook post about doing some 10 minute workout.  For those of you who don’t know JJ’s music, and ministry – google that!  [ my son and I were blessed with seeing her this summer]  Recently, she had her 2nd child, so she is in the “attempting to exercise with two little ones to care for” phase.  I was encouraged that with her schedule she was making time to make exercise a priority!  GOOD for her!

She had posted a little blurb about the 10 minute workouts she was doing from a ministry – called “Revelation Wellness/Fitness”.  The lady had some great short (10 minute) heart pumping workouts. I thought these might be good to share for those of you who travel, or have an iPad – or just to look for some different encouragement to mix things up.  I like to add some of these throughout my day – when possible.  OR, like last night… when I’m just cold and want to get my blood pumping – THIS will do it!

I appreciated the encouragement of her saying like, “dig deep, and do it for God… the calling is from Him to be healthy…”  (THAT I don’t hear on Bob or Jillian…)  Her tank top was also super cute – as it said, “Jesus is my Personal Trainer”.  I just loved that.  AMEN.  What more reason do we need?

That’s the only way I can explain this calling of mine.  When it’s 11pm and most people are thinking, “Yeah… I’m not working out today – scratch that!”  I think… “Wow, I can’t say no to God now – I’ve made time for everything else… what a shame I waited so long – I can do SOMETHING, even if it’s not a full workout!”  So I throw on my clothes and away I go!  I always feel SO much better after I do that… knowing I moved, vs. NOT moving.  The more days we move – vs. not – the more days we’re encouraged to move another day.

Personally I do like a day off now and then – no “set” day – but just a day that I know it’s ok if I don’t workout one day…  What is that longest streak you’ve gone working out EACH day in a row?  If you don’t know – maybe start NOW?

“You, God, are awesome in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God!”

-Psalm 68:35

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  1. Okay you asked the question so….I did 365 days in a row a few years back. Yes…I did…Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday…you name it every single day…I will probably always remember that….what an accomplishment that was for me. I probably won’t ever do it again but…it instilled a habit in my life that I don’t think will ever go away. I now workout 5 or 6 days a week consistently. Love it!! Thanks Sarah for helping me to keep my focus of my habit in the right place. Healthy for Him!!

  2. THAT is just awesome Kori! WTG! Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

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