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Thin Mint Victory!

What is YOUR favorite girl scout cookie?

Oh goodness.  They’ve done it again!

Those tricky little girl scouts!

In my prime, I could knock off a sleeve of Girl Scout cookie “Thin Mints” in a matter of minutes.  NICE. COLD. Glass of milk, and a SLEEVE of cookies.  You betcha.

That was when I was pumping about 60 oz. of breast milk a day, and nursing a 3 month old.  I’m pretty sure her milk tasted of Thin Mints.  Poor child.

But… I justified it – as… I “needed” extra calories.  Never mind the quality of the calories – right?

Well I don’t think we had purchased Girl Scout cookies in years.  I just didn’t even want to go there, knowing the temptation and my history.

Then… a few Sunday’s ago… our cute, little neighborhood girl jumped us as we unloaded our bus after church.  She was patiently waiting for us to return that day, and she was smart to observe our household *might* be her best customer on the block.

Our children were delighted when we purchased a load of 10 boxes.  Yes.  I said 10.

After all, I wanted to show the child loving kindness…  and again, I don’t remember the last time we had any Girl Scout cookies…  I figured we could always freeze some.


My children had other plans.  I bought 3 boxes of Thin Mints, my favorite – [and unfortunately the favorite of SEVERAL of the children], Shortbread, Thank-yous, Lemonades, and a few others.

Really all I cared about were the Thin Mints.

Not sure what is "THIN" about the Thin Mints! But a serving is 4 cookies, vs. most of the cookies are 2!

They are actually one of the better choices at 4 cookies for 160 calories.  Definitely not something I want everyday – (nor can I stomach what I used to eat), but yummo.  Those girl scouts sure know how to make cookies.  It’s too bad all of the extra junk that is in them – including HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!

Maybe I am glad my kids ate some of them?  Out of 2.5 boxes gone, I think I’ve had 6 cookies in the past 2 weeks.  Not too shabby.

I won’t lie and say I didn’t want to eat more.  I did want to… but I’m God’s girl, and He kept me in check!  VICTORY!!!  Praise be to Him!

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1Corinthians 15:57

Don’t Forget! Focus!

Repeat after me:

Thursday is NOT my last meal.

Food does NOT own me.

There will be more pumpkin pie and various other breads and desserts to be had in the course of your lifetime.  There is no need to try and consume them all in one day, OR in one meal.

There simply isn’t.

Glorify God in the body… and make the best choices you can.  Be a shining light in the darkness – in a society who has too much, and eats WAY, WAY, WAY too much!  Show others there IS another way to live, and eat…

Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean we should eat it.

May God bless your Thanksgiving and bring peace to your heart about all of the things He has blessed you with!

Lord, help us count our blessings with hearts of obedience to your will, desire and plans for us now and in the coming year!  We desire to be healthy for YOU!

Looking forward to baking some whole wheat/oat pie crusts with my girls! YUM!

“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”  – 1 Corinthians 6:12

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