Did you miss me?  I missed you!

Did you think I abandoned you for my chips?  Not a chance.  Although – I’m happy to report we got a great price on some of our chips online – AND they came in pink bags to support breast cancer awareness to boot!

YEP! A full case of PINK bagged chips! Excuse my hair - I forgot to comb it!

I really have missed you… and I’ve missed writing.  I’ve almost dug myself out of this 4th quarter work pile.  It’s deep – and I’m thankful.  SOON you won’t be able to shut me up!  Looking forward to that, I know.

I’m thankful for cooler temps, and even some precipitation that allows our stores to thrive selling things people need during those times!

I’m also thankful so much, not just this time of year – but each day.  God has been good to remind me that I have it far better than most, and to keep on MOVING more and eating less vs. snuggling in and loading up with extra “happy fat” this time of year.

As we turn our minds towards that nearly forgotten holiday, we call Thanksgiving – let us truly be thankful for our ability to do what we can in the bodies we have been blessed with.  Let us use our mind to make wise decisions that are pleasing to the Lord.  This blessed meal many have with relatives and those they love near and far, surely will NOT be the last meal or meals you have that day.  Let’s focus on not eating like they might be.  Prepare for the day as best you can and come to the table to enjoy, but not become a glutton.

I know many people have to attend SEVERAL Thanksgivings in a week or even a few days time.  This has the potential to be a train wreck if you’re not keeping your eyes on Him.

Already I’ve been reading about how people over eat because…

– They’re from the south

– In our family it’s just what we do… (maybe a new hobby would be good?)

– Everything is just soooooooooo good… I can’t stop eating!

– No one is going to tell me how to eat! (what about God…  does it matter what He says?)

– I’m just fine, everyone else needs to go away.


I know it’s tasty… buuuuuuut we don’t need to eat 3000 calories in one sitting.  We don’t even need 1500 calories in one meal.  If you are consuming that much, I hope you’re running a marathon following THAT.

Unfortunately, most likely you’ll be sitting, driving, or watching tv…   last I checked, those activities don’t burn that many calories.  If only….

Remember – it’s eat, burn… eat, burn… eat, burn…. (NOT eat…. eat… eat…. SIT, expand, EAT…. sleep).

If you are going to be around family and others you love, NOW is your chance to share first-hand some of the things God has been teaching you!!   What a blessing you could be to others.  Make a dish that is “healthified” – or perhaps just modeling not eating to the point of a carb coma.

I better run.  My FRIEND let me borrow a workout that is sure to “transform me”…  I’m up for the challenge for God’s glory!  I’ll keep you posted!

“Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat,  for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” 

 – Proverbs 23:20-21


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