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The Time is NOW!

The weather is getting cooler and we need more indoor options for working out.  DVDs are a great answer!

Bob Harper has all of his awesome workout DVDs on SALE on his website right now.  Each one is $7 or less… so NO EXCUSES!  I probably have every one of them – except a beginner workout that he has.  [and that’s not to say it’s not a great workout, I have some friends who own it – and they amp it up with heavier weights and advanced moves, and it’s a great addition to their library – they only get annoyed that he keeps saying “this is a beginner workout!”]

I snagged the “Bob’s Workout” DVD, as well as his new extreme workout with the sale…

The “My Workout” came this week.  It’s a workout DVD to show what Bob does personally on a regular basis.  It’s broken into two 30-minute workouts (which is nice – to have options!) and/or you can do it all as one workout and play it combined.  I will tell you that I never stopped moving on either workout – and I missed that interval “break” that I’m used to … but it was nice – to have a shorter workout option that busts a move!

That said, I’m NOT looking forward to playing it as one workout, but I’m sure I’ll do that soon enough, when I’m feeling wild and crazy.

How can you NOT love pain that you know is results?  Yes?

So check them out – I would highly recommend any of them, but if you have specific questions – ask away!

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  – 1 Thess. 5:16-18

I Wish I Had Time For…

I get lots of compliments when I take my salad places... don't have salad envy! You can make one too!

We’ve all said it before.

Perhaps we didn’t realize what we were really implying.  But, when I hear this… I sometimes think – people must think someone else has a boatload more time than they do, if they’re fitting in whatever it is that person is longing to do.

Guess what?  That’s not the truth.

You’re fitting everything in that is important, that needs to be done…. and if you’re not fitting it in, it’s not a priority.

Hey, I know sometimes it feels like you don’t have enough time – believe me, I feel it too.  When I’ve over scheduled… and under prioritized, and said yes to everyonebut my MAKER, and my family.  I fail and am miserable.

But honestly, think of how things go when someone passes away… and there are “emergencies” to be taken care of – and you rearrange your schedule, and you MAKE it fit, because that is just what people do.  They MAKE time for what is important to them.  We do this without a funeral too – EVERY. DAY.

Well, on a much lighter note – making a salad is important to me, EVERY lunch time.

I plan for it.  I make sure I have my supplies on hand… and lo and behold, it happens!  Crazy.

I’m not some guru, nor am I’m not trying really hard – I just make it a priority – so it’s not a pain, and it doesn’t take a lot of time!

So here’s the scoop!  Are you ready for this secret revealed??

I get several bunches of green leaf lettuce every week, along with a cucumber and a pepper or any other veggie I’m desiring that week.   [We are able to go to the grocery store mid-week also, so we are able to restock if we need to on the green leaf lettuce bunch.]

I clean my lettuce and cut it into big leaves – and put it in my crisper from Wal-Mart.  I put down 3-4 paper towels, then the cleaned lettuce leaves – and then more paper towels to soak up extra moisture and keep the lettuce fresh.  I them put my uncut veggies into a separate crisper just for smaller veggies  and I got it from Tupperware.  The rest of the things I always stock – low sodium, Sara Lee oven roasted chicken (shredded), sunflower seeds and cottage cheese.  Easy!  I just pull my items out at lunch, or pack it in the AM to take it with me.

My Tupperware crisper (blue) and salad crisper from Wal-Mart

Then I have no excuses… because it’s really NOT. THAT. HARD.  Would you agree?

Don’t tell me you “don’t have time” for a nice salad.  I won’t believe you.  God is worth it – plan ahead and get into some new routines that will help you have the RIGHT items on hand!  This will make it SO much easier to be healthy for Him!

“So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12

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