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Boo! Beware!

Ok, we don’t even celebrate Halloween – or recognize it, rather.  Not that we’re against others who do, we just felt convicted early on that IF we didn’t have a purpose for our family to celebrate the day, the way the traditions are – then we really shouldn’t invest our time and energy into it.  It was also an easier decision since we home school, and live outside of town.   Our kids know what it’s about, and we obviously talk about it and what it means – we just don’t have trick or treaters or celebrate.

Halloween is another one of those commercialized holidays where retailers really look forward to capitalizing on the consumers needs.  Most families need outfits,  many people also buy decor, (some of which can be used as fall decor through Thanksgiving) and of course – lots of CANDY!

Beware, having too much candy around – is an easy trap to fall into.  GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!  (and quick!)  Especially the pieces you KNOW are tempting to you.  I used to love Crunch  bars, Krackle bars, or Reese peanut butter cups!

This is where not recognizing the day works in our benefit.  No Halloween for us – also means – no extra candy sitting around and no temptation to overeat it!

Honestly I’m not a big candy person anyway, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking a few “mini-candybars” wouldn’t hurt anything as we prepare the candy for our stores to hand out.  For me, it’s best just not to even start.  Eating sugar makes me crave more SUGAR!

Last night, a reporter was talking about the WORST Halloween candy for you, as far as fat and calories.   Reese pumpkins were at the top of the list.  150 calories a pop!!!  How can a “cute” little pumpkin be worth that!  Wow!  I think it was around 14g of sugar as well.  (Be honest, most people aren’t consuming “just one” of anything this time of year!)

So what CAN you have??  They did say the best alternatives are Tootsie rolls and Candy Corns.  Again, moderation and common sense!!  Whatever you’re celebrating – be safe and make the BEST choices while being healthy for Him!

Here's my warning, these were TERRIBLE. They looked good - and were good for you, but yuck.

“Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”  – Hebrews 12:3


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